Train. Compete. Enjoy.

Deeside Competition Squad Coaching: (Usually a players 2nd weekly session) 

What is it?

Here we have a great culture. Dedicated juniors improve fast in an intense, focused, fun and respectful training environment! For the wee ones we have  exciting and engaging lessons. We aim to  improve skills, boost confidence and train hard for competition!  We will build Mental, physical, social, tactical and technical skills in our sessions! 



Over the years the Deeside Competition Squad has become an amazing place for juniors to develop their skills. We now have a vibrant training squad that our area can be truly proud of! 

Squad sessions:

Players can expect an increase in the level of intensity compared to core coaching. They will enjoy amazing training sessions that energise and inspire them to improve! Squad players will also be inspired to give more in their core coaching sessions as they will become motivated to continually grow their skill sets.

Be a positive influence on the group:

We will all create a special group training culture and environment because everyone is pushing each other forwards not holding each other back.

High training standards:

High training standards heave become normal and we all benefit from these every time we step on court. Our aim is for players to reach their optimum level of performance wherever possible. These group sessions are fun and vibrant occasions and each player is an important cog in the wheel of these sessions so must train effectively to make their contribution to this amazing group culture.

Family commitment:

Reinforcing the above to your child/ children plus entering regular local matchplays (HotShot Tour and Club matchplays) and competitions (around NE Scotland) to complement the training sessions; entering a minimum of 4-6 tournaments per year (These are different from matchplays). These players will enjoy improving fast and practising regularly with friends to master their skills.


Is the Competition Squad for Me/My Child?

-Is your family open to supporting your child on their competition journey?

-Can you commit to playing regular competitions plus regular HotShot Tour events

-This program is designed to compliment a competition schedule  

-Players should maintain a high standard of behaviour and contribute to a strong work ethic amongst our squad.

-Are you ready to buy into the ethos of the hard working, respectful and highly motivated Deeside Squad? 

-Can you regularly commit to another coaching session each week with the aim of training hard to aid competitive performance?

-If the answer to these questions is "yes", this may be the place for you!

Competition Squad Explained

Academy Commitment: To provide players with the necessary skills to compete well at a local level; to foster a positive and healthy atmosphere where players can come and learn, enjoy and improve in a group environment. 

Player and Family Commitment: Training twice per week, plus entering regular local matchplays (HotShot Tour and Club matchplays) and competitions (around NE Scotland) to complement the training sessions; entering a minimum of 4-6 tournaments per year (These are different from matchplays). These players will enjoy improving fast and practising regularly with friends to master their skills.

Competition Squad Mission Statement

The aim here is to encourage players to enjoy high quality training sessions with their peers in a hardworking environment. The training provided gives them the tactical, technical and mental skills to confidently enter local and Scottish competitions and matchplays. These group sessions are intense, energetic and enjoyable, and are filled with respectful, focused and motivated competition players. 

Importance of Tournaments/ Matchplays:

The speed of a players progress will closely relate to the number of tournaments and matchplays they enter. This means that those players who play more matches against tough opponents will improve very fast and if we work together (player/ family / coach) we can identify required performance issues after each tournament ans improce these issues in training. 

Players  commitment  in  training

The Competition squad sessions are group training sessions. This squad has been set up to allow players to train for competition at a more affordable and accessible level than the traditional method of private lessons. This however puts the emphasis on the player/ coach family working together to improve. The alternative is for players to take private lessons which is far more expensive and would usually be reserved  for the minority of players who have their own personal goals to achieve. 

Players are required not to distract others in the lesson and allow a good learning environment to occur through their positive attitude and respect for themselves and others. We want to create a culture of respect and discipline in our squad. 

Describe a Deeside Squad Player:
Deeside Competition Squad! Player attributes.

 commitment 8/10,  (turn up regularly to training with a good training mindset , engage with the sessions regularly)

body language 8/10, (have a positive impact in the group  session  by staying positive. Listen well, turn up early, be polite, don’t distract others during the session, be proactive by warming up before the session,  help others by creating a high standard, help foster a positive  training environment) 

desire to improve 8/10, (regularly show a strong desire to improve through respecting the lesson. 

respect  8/10, (respect the coach and training partners with good manners, attitude, body language, commitment, desire so we can foster a good training ethos)

footwork 8/10,  ( how well you move your feet shows that you are engaged and willing to try hard)

discipline  8/10, (don’t distract others with social chit chat, play fair, have a positive impact on the session and the others around you, listen well, collect the balls, focus on each task and let others do the same)

 concentration 8/10,

self  motivation 8/10 ( players in these group lessons must be self motivated to improve at certain points in the session they will be asked to go and perform a task, at this point they must be willing to have a motivation and desire to improve on what the coach has asked them to work on) 


The Importance of Good sportsmanship

DTA are very proud to promote good sportsmanship and fair play. In the past we have created the HotShot tour to encourage a fun environment for kids to learn and play in a good and fair atmosphere. With Deeside Squad we are constantly trying to associate wearing our squad hoody with the highest of good sportsmanship standards and fairplay whilst giving the players a good understanding of the rules to help them
enjoy the game. This at the heart of what we do and it is emphasised every day in training and before our matches.

The Importance of Competition

Playing competitions is a very important part of the Development Coaching program. Our development players and their families have committed to attending a squad session on top of their weekly core training session. We aim to develop the technical, tactical and mental skills required to play competitive matches; however, these skills must be put into practise in competitive environments. This is why it is important that both the players and their families alike understand this significance and agree to the child regularly entering a number of tournaments and matchplays in order to truly benefit from this training. 

Alignment of Player, Parent and Coach Goals

We place great emphasis on ensuring the goals of the player, their family and the coach are aligned. This is critical for the coaching process to work for each individual. Open communication is key. Important aspects from the coach’s viewpoint are a commitment to improving skills between sessions and a desire to compete regularly in order to learn competitive matchplay. 


Weather policy/ "Force Majeur" 

Development Courses are booked in blocks and in the event of bad weather cancelations....

1 bad weather session per course per term will be rescheduled/credited for a later date. Players can also double up their sessions the following week by attending another similar session. 

If 2 or more bad weather cancelations per course occurs then this will be given back by adding extra time to following sessions/ doing a double session the following week or players attending an alternative extra session from the timetable.  Players who want to catch up may also arrange to attend similar sessions until they have been reimbursed and caught up on missed time.

in the event of extreme circumstances 1 session will be reimbursed and players who wish to catch up can join as many extra sessions in the week that they can until they have caught up.