Friday Junior Night

Friday Night is Junior Night at Doncaster Tennis Club! Come and join us. Everyone is welcome.

This is a busy and exciting evening which is often attended by over 100 players and their families in the summer season. The coaching staff are all present so that the players can be taught in smaller ability groups. 

We encourage all juniors new to tennis to initially come to Junior Night. We cater for all levels of player from Beginners to Team Players wanting extra practice. Players are coached in ability level groups with an emphasis on fun and friendly competition. Equipment is provided.

Parents are encouraged to watch their children participating while enjoying the bar facilities at the club. 

Squads start at 4:30 for children under 8; at 5:30 for 9 to 12 year olds and at 6:30 for players over 13 years.

These ages are only guidelines. The coaches will advise which squad is most appropriate for a player's ability. Squads are not pre-booked and payment is made at the before the squad starts. Prices are £4.00 for members and £5.00 for non members.

Junior night players are constantly assessed by the coaches and encouraged to join other coaching squads, where appropriate.

Parents are encouraged to discuss their childrens' progress with the coaching staff.


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