The work on the completing the bamboo project is coming to an end and we hope will be finished by the end of next week or the following. 

During the remainder of the project with access to the top tennis courts still interrupted can you please use the entrance to astro court 1 only to access that court or if it is being used when there is a break in play, court 2. The routes to other astro and clay courts are through the gate at the rear of astro 4/5, again only when there is a break in play, or walking round the astro courts past the tennis pavilion. 

Many thanks for your help with all this.

I know that this is all very inconvenient and make take a little longer than usual but it minimises disruption and is respectful to those already playing.

Similarly, if you are using courts 1 and 2 please be tolerant and respectful to those who forget, they have probably not done it on purpose or they may be visitors to the club/parents who maybe unaware of the tennis etiquette of not walking behind players.

Many thanks for your help


Simon Gribbin