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Tennis is a sport for everyone – get on court with some great events

Try or develop your tennis by taking part in one of many different events. Hundreds of events take place during the year all across the country with sessions to suit the family, juniors and adults. There are open days and many fun competitions and activities to get involved in.

Rackets and balls will be available, so whether you have never picked up a racket before or are a seasoned regular – there is fun to be had.

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What events are there?

There are 100's of events taking place accross the UK. Here are a few of the event types available to book and play

  • Great British Tennis Weekend

    Try tennis for free this summer at a Great British Tennis Weekend event! Thousands of free events will be taking place throughout the summer and all across the country, with sessions to suit the whole family.

  • Open days

    Try Tennis at a venue near you. Lots of free events take place all year around across the country, with sessions to suit the whole family.

  • Tennis Festivals

    The Tennis Festivals are a series of fun, themed competitions for players of all ages run by their local venue

  • Team challenge

    Get together with your friends and play your part in a fun team competition, with prizes and giveaways up for grabs on a court near you.

  • Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup

    The Quorn™ Family Tennis Cup provides families with the opportunity to play tennis in an informal, fun competition run by their local venue.

Who is it for?

* Families

Families can get active by hitting the tennis courts at the same time and have fun while learning new skills and playing some fun matches in an enjoyable environment.

* Children

Children can get stuck into learning the basic of tennis and playing some fun matches with equipment designed for kids.

* Adults

Adults will be able to meet new friends and take part in a variety of activities including Cardio Tennis, fun matches, coaching or free play.

Find the tennis event for you

Thousands of venues across the country will be opening up their doors for free this summer so book your session today