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Club Committee

The Club is managed by a Committee appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting (normally in the first week of December), with additional members co-opted as necessary

The Committee is responsible for the Club Rules and Policies to which all members are subject. These are set out below with links to the relevant documents, many of which are based on LTA standard policies.

Currently, the Committee comprises:

Chair: Tom Plant   [email protected]

Secretary: vacant

Treasurer: Peter Rix   [email protected]

Match Secretary (Teams): Judith Turner  [email protected]

Social Secretary: Jill Holland   [email protected]

Membership Secretary: Charlotte Evans  [email protected]

Child Welfare Officer & Juniors Secretary: Emma Black  [email protected]

Court Maintenance: Chris Sykes [email protected]

Rusty Rackets Co-ordinator: Mandy Simpson  [email protected]

Publicity and Coaching  Co-ordinator: Michael Burnham   [email protected]

The Committee is looking for a volunteer to act as Secretary. Please contact Tom Plant at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer for this role.

Other volunteers who are already assisting the Committee in specific roles are:

Wimbledon Ballot Co-Ordinators: Antonia Plant and Felicity Roe

Pavilion 2022 representative: Phil Warner


Rules and Policies

Club Constitution

Click the link to download the Club Constitution

Court Rules

Click the link to download the  Court Rules

Equality and Diversity Policy

Click the link to download the  Equality and Diversity Policy 

Photography and Filming Policy

Click the link to download the Photography and Filming Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Click the link to download the Risk Assessment Policy

Child Protection Policy

Clink the link to download the Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Click the link to download the Safeguarding Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Click the link to download the  Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Website Terms & Conditions of use

Click the link to download the Terms & Conditions of use

Privacy Policy

Click the link to download the Privacy Policy



Players should exercise due care when playing on the courts and should not play if they are suffering from a medical condition which may put them at risk or if they are feeling unwell. Appropriate footwear should always be worn.

A first aid box is kept in the Pavilion or in the locker on the courts (with the same code as for the gate) for use by players in case of accident and a defibrillator is available on the wall of the Pavilion

As an LTA registered affiliate, the Club has public liability insurance cover through the LTA

In the event of a serious accident, details should be inserted in the Accident Report Book (kept in the Pavilion or in the locker on the courts) and communicated in writing to [email protected] for action by the Committee

Members’ belongings are brought to the courts at their own risk.



The Club is affiliated to the LTA, one of the advantages of which is that the Club is allocated tickets for the Wimbledon Championships.  The allocation normally comes out in late March.  No announcement has yet been made about ticket availability for Wimbledon 2021

If tickets are made available for this year,  members who have 'opted in' (through the LTA web site) will be invited to attend the annual tennis club ballot (normally April).   Members who are successful will be allocated a pair of tickets. 

Eligibility.  To enter the ballot you must be a fully paid-up member of the Club (but not just a Social member) for the relevant year as well as being  an LTA/ British Tennis Member (BTM).  Registration for this is granted free by the LTA to affiliated clubs (like Fernhurst) via a reasonably straightforward on-line system on the LTA website.

Ballot Date: This has not yet been confirmed for 2021. 

Conduct of the Ballot: All  eligible members will be advised of the tickets allocated to the Club.

One by one, successful members can choose from the tickets still available as the ballot progresses.  

For members drawn early, they will have more choice of dates and prices.   

If members are unable to attend the draw they can nominate another member to act as their designated proxy on the day.  

The first name out of the hat will be offered the pick of the tickets and that name will not go back into the hat.  The process will continue until all tickets have been drawn.  A number of reserve names will also be drawn.

.  Payment will be required to be made directly to the LTA within 14 days of the ballot using their on-line system. Details will be sent  (by email) by the LTA to each successful member.  If a  payment is not received then the tickets will be offered to the first-drawn reserve and others onwards.

Additional tickets. Sometimes extra tickets become available after the main ballot has been drawn.  These will be offered first to the reserve names drawn at the main ballot and, if not taken up, offered generally to all eligible members on a first come, first served basis.

Organisers (2021): The Club ballot organisers are Antonia Plant and Felicity Roe



Turner Tankard Trophy
2020 Richard Edwards

2019 Judith Turner
2018 Charlie Scott
2017 James Roe
2016 Jeremey Howard

Richard & Ruth Paine Trophy

2020 Richard Edwards & Jill Holland

2019 Johnnie Mullins & Kathryn James
2018 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody
2017 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody
2016 Charlie & Kirstie Scott
2015 Nick Chuter & Fiona Moody
2014 Richard & Lauren Walker
2013 Will Randell & Fiona Moody
2012 Tom & Antonia Plant
2011 Richard & Lauren Walker



The Club keeps a stock of Babolat tennis balls which can be purchased for £4.50 for a tube of four. 
Contact: Peter Rix (Club Treasurer) either direct or through [email protected]