Court Rules

  1. The courts should not be used in very wet or slippery conditions. Court users should check court conditions before they start play, exercise due care and proceed at their own risk
  2. Except for organised Club matches, non-members are not allowed to play on the courts unless they are invited guests of a member (and the required guest fee has been paid) or have paid under the “Pay and Play” arrangements described on the Club website.
  3. All court users must be prepared to show ID, if requested, to enable their membership/ payment to be checked.
  4. No games other than tennis may be played on the courts.
  5. Members who have booked courts have priority over their booked courts so long as they arrive within 15 minutes of the time booked.
  6. White-soled (non-marking) tennis shoes and appropriate clothing must be worn.
  7. No glass, chewing gum, alcohol or fizzy drinks are allowed on court.
  8. Please show consideration for players on other courts at all times
  9. Players should exercise due care when playing on the courts and should not play if they are suffering from a medical condition which may put them at risk or if they are feeling unwell.
  10. Any behaviour, language or comments made that distract or offend other players are not acceptable and, if a complaint is made, it will be considered very seriously.
  11. Juniors under the age of 13 years must be supervised on court by their parent/carer or another adult who has expressly agreed to take responsibility for them. No adult may be responsible for more than three young children at the same time.
  12. Members attending Club roll up sessions should follow the instructions of the Games maker (if any) and recognise that they are expected to mix in with different players after each match.
  13. Members may commission coaching only from the Club’s Coaching Team, which is identified on the Coaching page of the Club’s website.
  14. If using Club tennis balls, these should be retrieved at the end of play and returned to where they came from.
  15. When your game is finished, the nets should be looped with the bungee cords provided.
  16. If you are the last to leave the courts after play, please ensure the gates are closed and locked.
  17. Members should keep the combination code to the Court padlock and locker confidential and not disclose it to any non-member

Parents/carers of children playing tennis on the Club courts are responsible for their children being aware of, and abiding by, these rules.

The Committee - February 2022