Weekly programme/ Club sessions*


10 am -12 noon  | Adult roll up


4.30 pm - close | Improvers ("Rusty Rackets") roll up. (Start time to be adjusted in October)


5.00 pm to close | Adult roll up - until  mid October                          


9.30 am - 12 noon | Adult roll up

1.00 pm - 4.00 pm | Junior coaching  (from September)- booking required in advance - school terms only

4.00pm - 5.00 pm | Rusty Rackets coaching ( from September) - booking required  in advance 


On Saturday mornings and, where practicable, for other roll ups, there will be a nominated Games maker to help organise the sessions, introduce new members and arrange appropriate  fours. 

Post Covid, for EACH roll up (except Saturdays), EACH PARTICIPANT must bring their own can of balls (with which they will serve), as well as hand sanitiser and , if desired, their own seat - as participants waiting to play will be required to wait OUTSIDE the Courts..

Until further notice, guests will not be allowed at roll ups, although in the future it is hoped to allow once again Members to pre-arrange to bring a guest who is genuinely interested in becoming a member for a one-off taster (at no cost). Junior members (14 yrs+ ) may also attend, subject to their being of competent standard and behaving appropriately. 

Roll up games are normally doubles, with players mixing in with others after each game. Depending on numbers, there may be some sitting out -  giving an opportunity to socialise. The length of games will be flexible so the sit out  should not be too long. 


Diary of Special Events:

23 August | Turner Tankard Trophy Charity Tournament 10.00 am  

20th September  | Richard & Ruth Paine Mixed Doubles Tournament 2.00pm 

21st November (provisional) | Club  PUB QUIZ NIGHT 7.00 pm Pavilion

7th December (provisional) | Club AGM 7.00pm Pavilion