Weekly Club Roll-Ups


10 am - 12 noon  | Adult roll up


2.00  - 4.00 pm | Improvers ("Rusty Rackets") roll up  -  Email: [email protected]  for more information

Wednesdays (Summer Evening):

7.00 pm - 9.00 pm  | Adult roll up


9.30 am - 12 noon | Adult roll up

For all roll ups there will normally be a nominated Games maker to help organise the sessions, introduce new members and arrange appropriate  fours. 

Non-members  genuinely interested in  joining may come to a roll up for a one-off taster (at no cost).  They do not need to pre-book and will be welcomed by the Games maker. Junior members (14 yrs+ ) may also attend adult roll ups, subject to their being of competent standard and behaving appropriately. 

Roll up games are normally doubles, with players mixing in with others after each game. Depending on numbers, there may be some sitting out -  giving an opportunity to socialise. The length of games will be flexible so the sit out  should not be too long.