Lesson T & C's

To ensure your safety and the well being of the coaches, we do need to enforce the following guidelines.

Before your session

  • Please ensure that you have made payment before your session, we are not accepting cash payments. 
  • Unfortunately there are NO toilet/washing facilities. Have a try before you leave the house. 
  • Make sure you have the essentials that you need for the session and no more. 
  • We recommend packing tissues and a hand sanitiser. 
  • If you’re showing signs and symptoms you must NOT attend a session

On arrival

  • You are to arrive as close to the start time of you session as possible.
  • You must wait in the car park in a safe area.
  • You must wait for the coach signal to approach the entry to the courts. 
  • Please use the sanitiser station at the gate or to bring your own sanitiser. 
  • To protect you and ourselves please adhere to the 2-meter social distancing rule.

During your session

  • Your session is 45mins, when your session finishes you need to leave promptly. This is to allow the coach 15mins to clean/clear the area. 
  • You must provide your own equipment for the session (racket etc). 
  • You agree not to touch the Tennis balls with anything other than your foot or Tennis racket. 
  • Have Fun and enjoy yourself. 
  • Unfortuantely we can not have spectators on or around the court. 

After your session

  • Please use the sanitiser station at the gate or use your own sanitiser then head home and use soap and water. 


  • You’re required to pay 100% of the session fee if cancelling on the day of the session, this may not apply if the session is filled. 


Thank you for your understanding.