Week 9 Match Report

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Week 9 FLTC league teams scores

Another week of great results

Southport and District results

  • 1st team beat Southbank 14 - 2, another very convincing win
  • 2nd team beat Blundellsands 11 - 5, thanks to our strong ladies
  • 3rd team beat Carlton 13 - 3, a further step towards promotion
  • 4th team beat Birkdale, 9 - 7, result of the week, a great and hard fought win.

Liverpool League

  • Ladies team beat Palmerston 6 - 0 reconfirming their league authority
  • Men’s A team lost to Trinity 5 - 1, faced a strong team on shale courts. A great game though.
  • Men’s B team beat Mosley Hill 4 - 2, a revenge win and special mention to Rick O’Mahoney getting his first win for the club.

All Southport league teams are ensconced at the top of their respective divisions and the focus to win remains firmly in place.