Junior Grand Slam Series 2020!

Singles age categories:

Boys 12, 14, 18            Girls  12, 14, 18     Mini Events Mixed Under 8's, 9s, 10’s Boys/Girls

(Minimum of four players to hold an event. If there are not enough entries, players may be moved or divisions may be combined.)

Age eligibility is determined by the age you will be at the end of the month of any given tournament.



The format will be a BEST OF 3 SETS "FAST 4" (championship tie-break in 3rd set) in both main-draw and consolation matches. Players are guaranteed two rounds.  The Under 10’s will play one short set or best of 3 tie-breaks. Under 8's/9's will play a 10 point tie-break (Scoring format may change at the organizers discretion).


Schedule/site location: Four oaks tennis club (Saturdays/Sundays) Times:  TBD

BOYS/ MINI EVENT(S)                                                                               GIRLS           

February 29th                                             Australian Open                        March 1st    


May 1st-31st(club Tourney)          Roland Garros                          May1st-31st (club Tourney)


July 11th                                                       Wimbledon                              July 12th


September 19th                                    US Open                                September 20th


November 14th                                      Masters                                 November 15th    


Point system:

5 points - Entering & completing at least one round of a junior grand slam tournament

5 points - Each win in the main draw of a junior grand slam tournament

2 points - Each win in the consolation draw of a junior grand slam tournament


Junior Circuit Masters tournament:

Top 4 players in each division will be invited to participate in the masters’ tournament at the Club on November 14th/15th    


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