Safeplay - Covid-19

As from June 1st 2020 the courts are open for :

  • Club Members to play Singles or Doubles with any other Club Member 

The Following Health and Safety measures should be followed:

  • Stay 2 metres apart at all possible times 
  • Sanitise hands before and after play 
  • Change ends in a clockwise direction
  • No physical contact : Hand shaking etc. 
  • Ensure drink containers & kit bags are at least 2m apart
  • Use court 1 & 3 in preference to court 2 
  • One spectator only per junior player
  • Do not share balls between courts
  • The Tennis Hut should only be opened to turn on the floodlights or Access the First Aid Kit
  • The Sports Club Pavilion, toilets & changing rooms are CLOSED



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