Friendly Singles League for Club Members

PLEASE CONTACT LIZ CUBITT if you would like to join in.   [email protected], 07435296660

Next League to join starts 7 August

Current League:  6 July - 6 August.    

Rules for Club Singles League

  • You can play matches in any order
  • It is the responsibility of both players to arrange a match via WhatsApp Group ‘Fram Fraternity League’
  • Agree who is going to book the court, maximum of 90 minutes
  • Please use your own tennis balls.  Make sure they are of decent quality.
  • Please follow all social distancing and guidelines given by club for Covid 19 precautions
  • As friendly league no further rules but please contact me if you need a decision

Match Format

  • Play best of three tiebreak sets to 4.
  • Full Deuce
  • Tiebraker to 7 points at 3-3.
  • Have to win tiebreaker by 2 clear points.

Reporting Scores

Winner please report scores to Liz WhatsApp Group ‘Fram Fraternity League’

Correct format in which to report matches is: Roger Federer bt Novak Djokovic (August 23) 4-1, 4-2. If it's a tie break, you write it like this: 4-3 (9-7) with the score in the tie break in brackets

1 point awarded for every set won.  If there is an overall draw in positions by the Close of Play on 6 August then the result between the two players will decide.

There are two leagues.  The top two placed in the Championship will be promoted to the Premiership.  The bottom two placed in the Premiership will be relegated to the Championship .




Mike F




Trevor B



Sue  P

Jenny M






Results will be posted on this page

Matches to be completed by 6 August





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