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Improve your tennis game at home

To Shadow Swing is to practice the stroke’s movements without a ball and racket, ‘hand tennis’.  It ‘s the very best way of learning a new movement or adjusting your stroke technique.  To rehearse the model swing start the shadow swing from the ready position focusing your attention on the heels, hips, and head being centred as you practise.

Take your time don’t rush.  See if you can learn each movement individually and then put the movements together in a fluid, rhythmical stroke.  To begin with you may feel very mechanical and a bit silly, especially if you are being watched :).  As the movements become habitual the muscles will relax more and you will begin to swing more effortlessly with greater efficiency.

When you shadow swing be conscious not to add movements to the stroke.  Bigger longer strokes tend to be less reliable because there are more variables involved.

At the end of the stroke you are practicing stop on balance.  Check your stance. Take note of your centre line, finish the stroke at 45 degrees relative to the reay position.

Notice what you did well and which movement within the whole movement could improve.  When we notice our own mistakes and then correct them we learn and improve!


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