Changes to Court Booking time slots

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For those who are using the court booking system, we are going to try introducing a bit more flexibility to the start and finish times of each booking.  Under the current setup the default time is 1 hour, and if a court booking is made starting from say 10.30, the half hour from 10 until 10.30 remains unavailable for anyone else to book.

With the proposed change to a 15 minute default time, booking slots will now be available for instance, from 10.15, 10.30 or 10.45, for an hour at least, and additional 15 minute slots can be included up to a maximum of 2 hours. This will provide a bit more flexibility for those who may only wish to play for 1½ hours, but currently have to book the court for 2 hours.

We do ask that where possible, bookings are made to follow on immediately from the slot before in order to avoid leaving gaps in booking times that are in effect too short for anyone to use.

Hopefully, these changes will free up a bit more court time, but any feedback on how the system is working would be most welcome.

These changes are now Live.