Court Closures for floodlight installation

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The courts will be closed to members on: 

  • Monday 11th
  • Tuesday 12th
  • Wednesday 13th
  • Thursday 14th

The courts will be open and available for members on: 

  • Good Friday 15th, 
  • Easter Saturday 16th, 
  • Easter Sunday 17th, 
  • Easter Monday 18th  There will be a members mix in starting at 1pm in the afternoon
  • Tuesday 19th 
  • Wednesday 20th

The courts will be closed to members on: 

  • Thursday 21st
  • Friday 22nd 

And some days in the week beginning 25th April. We will know which days nearer the time.

Saturday 30th is planned to be completion day. 

The Club has recently signed a contract for LED floodlights to be installed on 2 of the 3 courts. Once the lights are installed, members will be able to use them (within the limits of the planning consent) by buying tokens