Dan Eley Foundation Mixed Doubles Charity Tennis Tournament

The annual DEF charity tennis tournament takes place at the Godalming Lawn Tennis Club (usually staged in July) where Godalming and Busbridge's tennis Clubs combine forces to raise money for The Dan Eley Foundation (DEF) and have fun at the same time.  The event is organised by Maggie and Chris Jagger (members of both Busbridge and Godalming's Tennis Clubs), with refreshments provided by DEF.

Dan Eley is a well-known local figure, who attended Godalming College and then worked with street children in El Salvador and Columbia before suffering a freak accident in 2010 which has left him paralysed from the shoulders down.  He is an inspirational character who turned his own misfortune into actively helping young people to help themselves.  DEF provides vocational training and life changing support for young Columbians as well as young people in Surrey.  Please see the DEF website at www.daneleyfoundation.org for more information.

The tournament is open to all GLTC and Busbridge members and any friends who would like to play.  It takes a round robin ormat, with semi finals and a final (all matches 15 minutes long) and a cup for the winners.  There is a ten pound entry fee for all participants.  If you are interested in playing please contact Maggie Jagger, email [email protected].  If you have a partner that you would like to play with pleaseenter as a apir, but if you would prefer to enter as an individual then you will be allocated a partner on the day.

Dan Eley always comes to support this event, and Carolyn Eley and other supporters attend to cheer us on, talk about the work of DEF and usually provide a raffle.  It is all very enjoyable, and is supporting a very worthwhile local cause.