Godstone Tennis Club – Use of Floodlights

The club has one floodlit court available for members to book. In past years the size of the club has meant that there has been little competition to book the court and there is generally space for all. As the club membership is increasing there may be more demand on bookings and the following guide explains how the system works and will hopefully enable all who wish to play to find a suitable time. 

There is one night where a rota system is in in use, this has run for many years and currently George Duda has organised a schedule for more experienced players on Thursday.

Operation of the Lights

  1. Lights are available from early afternoon till the cut off time of 9.30 (planning restriction).
  2. The lights are controlled from a token meter located on the far wall in the tennis clubroom, the token entry is on the RHS at the top.
  3. Tokens are charged at £1 each and last for exactly 15 mins.
  4. Tokens are available from Jackie Norman or Tim Cozens.
  5. The meter counts down the remaining time left.
  6. If the lights are allowed to go out they will have to cool down and will not come on again for at least 15mins, a token will be wasted if you try before this. They take a minute to reach full power when on for the first time.
  7. Tokens can be added at any time during operation and each token adds 15 mins run time.
  8. If you are following on from a previous group make sure you add tokens before the time runs down to zero (see point 6) !!


Booking is done via ClubSpark. There are some slots pre-booked by the Club, these are:-

Monday           4.00 till 9.00     (Coaching session juniors and adults)           

Tuesday          5.30 till 7.00                                         Available 7.00 till 9.30

Wednesday     7.00 till 8.30     Team coaching           Available 8.30 till 9.30

Thursday         5.30 till 8.30     (Rota George Duda)   Available 8.30 till 9.30

Friday              5.30 till 6.30                                         Available 6.30 till 9.30

Saturday                                                                     Available 5.30 till 9.30

Sunday                                                                        Available 5.30 till 9.30


Bookings are generally from the ½ hour, lights are actually available from 3.30 if anyone wants an early session. Bookings can be made from the time of play 14 days in advance. This enables groups of players to find a time and day for regular play.





  1. Generally an individual member may set up a group who arrange to play at a convenient time. These groups tend to use the same time each week to enable the other members of the group to arrange their diaries without the need for extensive phone rounds.


  1. As the lights will not restart for at least 15mins if they go out, play must start on or just after the ½ hour, early starts are not permitted so that the follow on players have the opportunity to get there before the ½ hour to feed the meter. You will not be popular delaying the follow on players and restricting the 8.30 session to 45 mins because you started 5 mins early.



  1. If you are on a rota (Thurs) it is your personal responsibility to either:-
  • turn up and play;
  • make every effort to arrange a suitable substitution, before alerting all other players of your non-availability as soon as possible and as a last resort;
  • in case of bad weather, agree with the other players to cancel.


Other than in cases of bad weather, cancelled bookings must be amended in ClubSpark so that other members may take advantage of all available slots.




Jackie Norman           01883742885 

Tim Cozens                 07801180239 tim.cozens@btinternet.com