Court re-opening 19.5.2020

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We are opening the courts on Tuesday 19th May.

The following information is based on Government and LTA guidelines coronavirus

What’s happening?

  • All courts will be available for play, members are encouraged to use the online booking system via the club website and although this is not compulsory, such bookings will have priority.
  • Play is singles only, opponents may be members of a different household
  • Doubles may be played only if all four players live together in the same household
  • Team matches, group coaching and club social sessions remain suspended
  • The clubhouse is closed and out of bounds with the following exceptions: to club coaches and their clients for hand washing and to committee members for specific purposes.

-  In an emergency, club members with keys may access the clubhouse for the first aid kit or defibrillator. There is an alternative defibrillator on Sheepcot pavilion (dial 999 for access code)


Guidelines for play

  • Do not play if you should be isolating on the basis of Government guidance
  • Wash your hands at home or sanitise with your own hand gel, before and after play
  • You and your opponent must each bring and serve with your own tennis balls, marked as necessary. Do not touch other people’s tennis balls and use your racket or foot if you have to
  • Remain a minimum of 2 metres away from your playing partner at all times, avoid talking at the net and no shaking of hands or physical contact with other players
  • Avoid changing ends or change on opposite sides of the court
  • Don't touch the gates, nets or net posts.
  • Bring your own equipment (racket, balls and water)
  • If all courts are in use, do not enter and wait outside the courts, at least 2m from other players

-  Spectating is discouraged and spectators are not allowed inside the court perimeter


Responsibilities of Goring Tennis Club

Goring Tennis Club Committee have performed a full risk assessment which will be available on the club website. Measures have been put in place to minimise the risk of onward transmission of Covid 19, but cannot eradicate the risk. Tennis, like any activity taken outside of your home, may increase your risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19. We advise all members, especially those categorised as vulnerable, to consider carefully their own personal situation before deciding to play.  Those who choose to play are expected to follow the above guidance for play. Court usage will be monitored and access to the courts may have to be changed if safe practice is not followed.

If you have any concerns about behaviour on court please email

Goring Tennis Committee 18.5.2020