Bye Laws

These Bye-Laws are in accordance with the Goring Tennis Club (GTC) Rules and are for the general benefit of members.

1.    Dress

Recognised sports clothing and non-marking tennis shoes/trainers are to be worn on all the Courts, including the public court.

2.    Club Sessions

It is the policy of GTC to provide tennis at club sessions for all abilities, and to provide a welcoming environment for all, especially those who are new to tennis and to GTC.

Club sessions are for mixed tennis, and not for private arranged games. The exception to this is during the club tournament period when one court is available for club tournament matches.

The mixed four is the priority for club sessions when equal numbers of men and women are available.

Players requesting a mixed four always take priority over those wanting a men’s or a ladies’ four.

Players should always be open to mixing in at any level of ability, and should be prepared to welcome and encourage players of a lesser standard.

When there are waiting players it is the responsibility of the players on court to play a 7 game match. This is especially important in the Winter months when there are only 2 floodlit courts available.

Where there is a singles game being played and player(s) arrive, the singles game should stop immediately and the waiting player(s) invited to play.

Morning Club Sessions start at 8:30 am.  If more than 4 players are present at 8:30 am, participation in the first set will be decided by racquet spin regardless of the order of arrival of players at the Club.  If a single player is excluded, the first set shall be a 7 game match unless another player arrives before the end of the match.

Sets during Club sessions shall normally be decided by the first team to reach 6 games.

At the end of a set, players waiting shall be invited to play.  The remaining places shall be allocated by racquet spin among the players who have already played who wish to play again.  Newly arrived players waiting to play should use the opportunity to warm up either on a spare court or using the practice wall to avoid delay in starting the next doubles game.

A supply of balls is provided by the Club for use during the Club Sessions.  Members are required to use their own balls during other times.

3.    Outside club sessions

  1. The singles game may be played.
  2. Courts booked by means of entries on the year planner in the clubhouse shall take priority.

4.    Play

Scoring is the responsibility of the person serving.  They shall call the score at the end of each point.

Line faults are your call on your side of the net.  A ball is in if it makes contact with the relevant line.  If there is any doubt on the receiving side the point should be given to your opponent.    

5.    Junior Play

  1. Regular playing sessions will be allocated to Juniors.
  2. Juniors must give way to seniors after 6.30 p.m. except on Fridays.
  3. From time to time those juniors whose standard of play has been approved by the Committee will be invited to play at Senior sessions.

6.    Coaching

Coaching is available to members and non-members individually or in group sessions.  Please contact the Head Coach for information.  Non-members pay a premium for these sessions and are encouraged to become members.

No person may conduct individual or group coaching sessions on the courts for reward unless he or she has been approved as a coach by the Committee.

7.    Guests

Members’ guests are entitled to use the facilities available to members but are limited to three sessions, after which guests are expected to become members.

8.    Use of the Courts by the Public

Our lease with Goring Parish Council requires us to designate one court as a public court giving residents of Goring Parish who are not members of GTC the right to play tennis free of charge.  The court to the South West end of the Club is designated as this “public” court. Residents of Goring Parish may also play on other courts, if they are not being used by GTC members but must relinquish the courts immediately if required by GTC members.  Members of the public who do not live within the boundary of Goring Parish must join GTC if they want to play on any of the courts.

Members of the public may not use the courts for any activities other than tennis and may not use the clubhouse or practice wall.  

9.    When Leaving the Courts after Play

Members are required to ensure that the tension is released from the nets and that the hooks provided are used to lift the nets off the ground.  Any Club balls, net measuring sticks etc should be returned to the store-cupboard. The gates to the courts must be closed and any litter removed.

10.      Use of the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is available for use by senior members of GTC.  Junior members may use the Clubhouse but must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.  All senior members can obtain a Clubhouse key from the treasurer.

The organisers of any matches, coaching sessions, tournaments or other events are responsible for ensuring that the Clubhouse is clean, tidy and that rubbish is removed after the event.  Any crockery and cutlery used should be cleaned, dried and put away.

Supplies of tea, coffee etc are provided for members.  Members should bring their own cold drinks if required. A supply of fruit squash is available for use during matches. 

Cups, plates and glasses are not to be taken onto the courts. 

Animals are not allowed in the clubhouse.

11.      Floodlighting and other electrical equipment

Floodlighting is provided on 2 courts.  The switches for the floodlights are in the Clubhouse storecupboard.  Floodlights must be turned off by 10:00 pm.  An automated timer will turn them off at this time.  Members are requested to also switch them off in the Clubhouse or they will come on again at 4:00 pm the following day.

Please also ensure that all heating, water heating, kettles and lighting are turned off before you leave the Clubhouse. 

12.      Toilet Facilities

We have use of the toilet and shower facilities in the Sheepcot pavilion.  Our access is via the door nearest to GTC.  Two separate keys are required to open this door.  The keys for this are in the storecupboard.  Please ensure that you lock the door and return the key after use.

13.      First Aid

Emergency contact numbers and the Clubhouse address are posted on a notice in the Clubhouse.  A first aid kit is provided and restocked regularly.  Any injuries should be logged in the book near the first aid kit and the Chairman should be notified immediately.

An automatic defibrillator is in the storecupboard and is checked regularly.  This is designed to be used by people with no experience.  You cannot hurt someone using this but you may save their life.  (Demonstration videos are available for this on Youtube – Philips Heartstart AED)  The Chairman should be notified of any use of this equipment as the pads are single use and would need replacing.  Please do not open the equipment unless it is required in an emergency.

14.      Third Party Liability

Neither the Club nor any officer or any servant thereof shall be liable to any member or guest for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property occurring whilst participating in or being present at any Club activity however such loss, damage or injury may be caused, whether or not due to negligence.