The Committee’s role is to run the Club on behalf of the membership as laid down in the Club Rules.  The various roles within the Committee are allocated in accordance with the role statements below:


All Committee members

  • Attend and participate in committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Act as point of contact with the Committee for the membership


  • Guide the strategic direction of the Club.
  • Plan, chair and report at the committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Ensure suitable candidates are nominated and appointed to all committee and other positions in the Club.
  • Ensure all volunteers receive suitable guidance, training and have any required qualifications and certification for their role.
  • Ensure that the Club Rules, Bye-Laws, Policies and insurances are up to date and in accordance with the relevant laws, LTA rules and the terms of the Club lease.
  • Communicate with and engage membership in key issues affecting the Club.
  • Represent the Club in contacts with SODC, GPC, OLTA and Clubspark.
  • Ensure sufficient supplies are available in the Clubhouse, that the equipment is maintained and that the Clubhouse is kept clean and tidy.

Vice Chair

  • Act in-place of the Chair if they are unavailable.


  • Manage the Club finances including planning, budgeting, accounting, tax, banking, asset insurance, treasury and reporting.
  • Prepare GTC accounts, review with committee, membership and independent auditor.  Seek approval of the accounts at the AGM.
  • Report at committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Seek suitable Independent Auditor for next year and get approval for proposal at AGM.
  • Report subscriptions paid direct to GTC Bank Account to Membership Secretary.
  • Ensure sufficient Clubhouse keys are available for members who want them.  Provide members with a key (£10 Deposit) on request.

Club Secretary

  • Organise and minute Committee meetings and the AGM.
  • Re-register the Club with the LTA online every year (1st October).  Send invoice for Registration to Treasurer.  Complete online risk assessment.  Download LTA Insurance Certificates and place them in the Clubhouse.  Report all injuries requiring notification to the Club insurers.
  • Organise the Club draw for Wimbledon tickets.
  • Maintain and update the Club Rules, Bye Laws and an Inventory of Club Assets as required.
  • Club Primary Contact with OLTA, attend and represent GTC at meeting with OLTA.
  • Receive mail directed to the Club and distribute it using the mail tray in the Clubhouse.

Membership Secretary

  • Maintain a database of all Members.
  • Propose and obtain approval for subscription for the following year at AGM.
  • Manage annual membership renewal.
  • Deal with telephone/email enquiries about membership.  Keep membership "Information Pack" up-to-date and ensure new members are welcomed to the Club.
  • Arrange "Open Day" events to encourage membership.
  • Manage all communications to the membership via email.

Court Manager

  • Report at committee meetings and AGM.
  • Arrange for maintenance of the physical assets of the Club by suitably qualified people.
  • Ensure all statutory inspection requirements are carried out.

Social Secretary

  • Report at committee meetings and AGM.
  • Plan and arrange social events for the year. 
  • Communicate with membership about events.
  • Provide articles on social events for Club website and social media.


  • Provide feedback on website to Committee.
  • Purchase web-address for GTC.  Keep GTC web-site up-to-date.  Administer and update the website based on material submitted by event organisers and club members.
  • Ensure GTC Complies with Data Protection Legislation Requirements
  • Liaise with Communications Officer on material for website, social media, GGN and press articles.

Club Captain

  • Report at Committee meetings.
  • Advertise, set-up and run club Seniors Championship.
  • Organising internal tournaments.
  • Contribute on tournaments to GTC website, social media and external communications.
  • Manage Team Captains.

Match Secretary

  • Enter GTC teams into various local leagues in both summer and winter.
  • Receive provisional fixtures from the league match secretaries and liaise with other club’s match secretaries if any fixture has to be re-arranged prior to the start of the relevant league.  Maintain the fixture list during the season noting re-arrangements etc.
  • Liaise with Team Captains to ensure matches take place on appointed days
  • Co-ordinate with juniors to ensure that they have the use of the courts for matches.
  • Order all the tennis balls for club use. Distribute the required number of cans to the respective captains at the beginning of each season. The cans should be returned to the box in the Clubhouse after each match.  Ensure sufficient balls are available for Club sessions.
  • Provide an up-to-date view of court availability on a spreadsheet to see when the courts are available for club, social or other Committee approved events.  Book courts for matches.

Junior Chair

  • Report at Committee meetings, providing feedback to Committee from Junior Committee.
  • Run the Junior Committee to deal with all issues relating to juniors in the Club.
  • Ensure junior committee has sufficient members to represent Club juniors.
  • Hold regular Junior Committee meetings.
  • Seek approval from committee for any and all expenditure of the junior committee.

Head Coach

  • Report at Committee meetings.
  • Organise individual and group coaching sessions. 
  • Organise Easter and Summer Camps for Juniors.
  • Ensure all child camps and coaching have suitable adult supervision.