Special coaching term

Following the Government’s announcement on 4 January and thinking on the wellbeing of all our players, we have decided to cancel our regular coaching term and set up a temporary one with some special conditions following Tennis Scotland's updated covid guidelines.



· Although the new coaching block will run for 7 weeks, we'll be assessing the situation every week and adapt if necessary/if the covid guidelines change.

· For juniors U12 all coaching options are available (check them here). Individual reports will not be sent as the main goal is the same for all players: to keep everybody active while improving our skills.

· For juniors 12+ and adults customised coaching only (1:1 only, either private lessons or hitting sessions) at our regular prices. For logistics reasons, availability to be discussed with the head coach.

· Other conditions and extra benefits included in the programme remain the same (see T&Cs): payment and refunds, player’s code of conduct, media consent, cancellation policy, tennis-money system (T£), coaching team, individual reports, etc.




COVID RULES (last update: 08.02.2021)

Following Tennis Scotland guidelines (click here)…

  1. Payment. BACS is the preferred method.
  2. Hygiene. Follow public health guidelines (hand sanitiser, social distancing, etc.).
  3. Parents/Guardians. Only one parent is allowed to accompany their child. Parents should leave the club when the session starts to prevent contact with members.
  4. Player arrival. Players must arrive for their session on time and wait until the coach gives permission to step into court. No players will be allowed to wait beside the courts before the start of their session.
  5. Equipment. Avoid touching objects (hurdles, cones, etc.). If a racket is needed please ask the coach.
  6. Toilet facilities. Although they will be available during the sessions, we encourage all players to go to the toilet beforehand.
  7. Prompt lesson finish/pickup. It is important that all children are collected on time to prevent contact with others.