Throughout the year Grange Dyvours runs Tennis Leagues with both a Singles and Doubles format.


  • Each Mini League will last approximately 2 to 3 months
  • If match can’t be completed then only completed sets will be taken into consideration, unless a player is ahead by 3 or more games in  that uncompleted set, in which case that player can claim the set.
  • Matches should be booked using the online booking system

Each match will consist of:

  • 2 sets consisting of first to 6 (i.e. at 5-5 the next game decides the set)
  • In the event of a 1-1 tie a 1st to 10 Championship Tiebreak is played for the victory.
  • Both players will have the chance to open serve. Spin racket to decide who opens serving in the 1st set and the tiebreak should it be required.


  • Points are awarded for victory, set wins and participation. The points are as follows:
Score Points (Player 1) Points (Player 2)
2-0 7 1
2-1 5 3
1-1 3 3
1-0 3 1


Promotion and Relegation:

  • A simple one up one down system (subject to joiners and leavers).


  • Please play at least 2 Mini League games or you may be excluded from the next league.

Contact Email: