To Improve

To get maximum enjoyment out of your game, we strongly advise you to play as much as possible by getting involved when you can.

For adult beginners, improvers or a returners to the game, do utilise the free group coaching lessons when you join and if possible attend these consecutively to start to provide some consistency to your game.  You do not need to pre-book the group coaching sessions, simply turn up on Sunday for 9:30am and we will make you welcome.

Everyone should participate in the free social sessions.  Whether you are looking at the social, fitness and / or competitive aspect of tennis, these are great sessions to be involved in.  The existing members are very good at integrating everyone and we can almost guarantee there will be other players at your current standard.  These sessions are social, not super-competitive and after each set, the players mix by ability.  These sessions are a great opportunity to meet others and then be able to organise personal matches or hitting practise for whenever suits you.  Again, no need to pre-book, simply turn up.  If you cannot make the start time, you can be sure that you'll be involved very soon after arriving as match partners mix after every set is complete.

For those looking to progress quite quickly, you need to be playing as regularly as possible (2 - 3 times per week).  In addition to the social sessions, you can utilise the group or private coaching sessions, to ensure you have the fundamental building blocks to improve.

With a little effort, everyone can improve their game quite quickly and Gravesham Tennis Club is here to help you achieve your ambitions.  We are a fully inclusive and a diverse club.