Racquet Stringing

Affordable racquet stringing using the latest equipment and strings is available from our head coach, Michel Suleau. 

All tennis racquets lose tension and performance over time and it is recommended by Wilson that beginners consider a restring every three months,  intermediate players get new strings once a month and advanced players have it done as often as every 2-3 weeks.

Michel can guide you through the various strings, tensions and combinations available but the following information may be helpful:

  • Thinner strings =  more spin, power & comfort
  • Thicker strings = more control durability.
  • Higher tension = more control
  • Lower tension = more power
  • Traditional nylon strings = power and comfort.
  • Polyester strings = stiffer and more durable - spin and control for big hitters
  • Hybrid setups = different main strings (up and down) and cross strings (side to side)

Club members and non members alike can contact Michel (07846 883553) for tennis racquet stringing in Gravesend with a quick turnaround.  Club members receive a discounted rate.