Greenwood Park LTC Club Tournament results


Junior Championships 2019

U18 Boys final        Dominic Hipkin    beat    Millan Sanderson
U18 Girls final         Freya Martin    beat    Emma Miles
U18 Boys Doubles final        to be played
U18 Girls Doubles final         Freya Martin & Nicole Egenes    beat    Abbie Kliener-Mann & Emma Miles

Club Championships 2019

Ladies singles final:       Freya Martin   beat    Tanya Cheney   6-3, 6-1
Mens singles final:         Ellis Drayton     beat     Adam Skinner   6-3, 6-2
Ladies doubles final:    Tanya Cheney and Anna Liddelow   beat    Juliet Pearce and Lara Liddelow   5-7, 6-3, 6-4
Mens doubles final:      Ellis Drayton and Jonny Stammers   beat    Dave Skinner and Adam Skinner   3-6, 6-4, 6-3

Summer mixed club tournament 2019

In the final:       Nicole Egenes and Adam Skinner   beat  Penny Skinner and Ian Woodley    7-5

Winter club tournaments 2018-2019

Mens vets singles:        Andy Martin    beat     Dave Skinner     6-7, 6-4, 6-4
Winter mixed doubles:  Tanya Cheney & Ellis Drayton   beat   Freya Martin and Andy Martin      6-2, 6-0

Junior Championships 2018

U8 final           Max House    beat    Ellie Hawkin
U9 final           Eloise Gardner    beat    Max Taylor
U10 final        Thomas Wilson    beat    Adam Richardson
U12 final        Mack Dawson    beat    Joshua Kleiner-Mann
U14 Boys final        Dominic Hipkin    beat    Mack Dawson
U18 Boys final        Max Hodgson    beat    Yotam Shibram
U18 Girls final         Freya Martin    beat    Maya Sanderson
U18 Boys Doubles final        Max Hodgson & Tom Liddelow    beat    Yotam Shimbram & Patrick Brazier
U18 Girls Doubles final         Freya Martin & Nicole Egenes    beat    Maya Sanderson & Kristie Taylor

Club Championships 2018

Ladies singles final:       Tanya Cheney   beat    Freya Martin   6-0, 6-2
Mens singles final:         Ellis Drayton     beat     Ben Ewing   6-1, 6-4
Ladies doubles final:    Tanya Cheney and Anna Liddelow   beat    Jennie Rayson and Freya Martin   6-2, 6-3
Mens doubles final:      Dave Skinner and Adam Skinner   beat    Ellis Drayton and Jonny Stammers   6-2, 1-6, 6-2

Summer mixed club tournament 2018

In the final:       Tanya Cheney and Daniel Bradly   beat  Jan O'Grady and Ellis Drayton    6-3

Winter club tournaments 2017-2018

Mens vets singles:        Dave Skinner    beat     Andy Martin     6-2, 6-2
Ladies vets singles:      Penny Skinner  beat     Ruth McCloy    6-0, 6-0

Winter mixed doubles:  Tanya Cheney & Dan Pearce   beat   Anna Liddelow & Adam Skinner      4-6, 7-5, 6-3

Club Championships 2017

Ladies singles final:     Jennie Rayson   beat    Tanya Cheney                 6-1, 5-7, 6-4
Mens singles final:       Max Hodgson    beat    Jonny Stammers            6-2, 6-3
Ladies doubles final:    Tanya Cheney and Anna Liddelow  beat  Lesley Chapman and Penny Skinner     6-2, 6-3
Mens doubles final:      Ellis Drayton and Jonny Stammers   beat  Andrew Marshall and Paul Wagner       6-4, 6-2

Summer mixed club tournament 2017

In the final:       Penny Skinner and Ian Woodley   beat  Gill Ewing and Paul Robbins     6-3

Winter club tournaments 2016-2017

Mens vets singles:        Andrew Marshall   beat  Dave Skinner   2-6, 6-3, 7-6

Winter mixed doubles:  Tanya Cheney & James Ellwood   beat   Penny Skinner & Adam Skinner      4-6, 6-3, 6-2

Junior Summer club tournaments 2017

Boys U18 singles final:  Max Hodgson       beat   Daniel Pearce       6-3, 6-0
Boys U14 singles final:  Millan Sanderson beat   Dominic Hipkin     6-2, 6-3
Girls U18 singles final:  Freya Martin        beat    Maya Sanderson   6-3, 6-2
Girls U14 singles final:  Freya Martin        beat    Nicole Egenes       6-0, 6-1
Boys U18 doubles final: Adam and William Skinner    beat  Yotam Shribman and Patrick Brazier   6-3, 6-4
Girls U18 doubles final:  Maya Sanderson and Kristie Taylor  beat   Nicole Egenes and Freya Martin   6-4. 3-6, 6-2
U12:    Winner:  Dominic Hipkin      Runner-up:  Mack Dawson             7-5, 7-6
U10:    Winner:  Josh Kleiner-Mann Runner-up:  Nathan Kleiner-Mann  10-5, 10-5
U9:      Winner:  Thomas Wilson      Runner-up:  Adam Richardson        10-7
U8  A:  Winner:  Eloise Gardner       Runner-up:  Calvin Quamin            10-7
U8 B:   Winner:  Jack Hawkin          Runner-up:  Ellie Hawkin                10-5

Results of previous monthly American tournaments

June 2018           Winners:        Cynthia O'Donnell and Paul Robbins
                          Runners up:   Jan O'Grady and Phil Wood

July 2014:           Winners:        Jan O'Grady and Josh Mitchell, Lawrence Pearlman
                          Runners up:   Alice Marshall    and   Norman Ewing, Ben Rowland

February 2014:    Winners:         Jan O'Grady  and   Paul Robbins
                           Runners up:   Juleen Taylor  and   Ben Ewing

January 2014:     Winners:        Tanya Cheney   and   Paul Robbins                         
                          Runners up:   Claire Montgomery, Caroline Ciric  and   Lou Rapa

December 2013:  Winners:        Tanya Cheney  and  Laurie Cheney
                          Runners-up:   Claire Montgomery  and  David Winter

November 2013:  Winners:        Tony Tearle  and  Paul Robbins
                          Runners-up:   Gillian Latham  and  Andrew Marshall, Lou Rapa

October 2013:     Winners:         Gerard Bermingham  and  Paul Robbins
                          Runners-up:   Jan O'Grady, Cynthia O'Donnell  and  Martin Eyre

July 2013:           Winners:        Lynn Marshall  and  John Suttie
                          Runners up:   Penny Skinner  and  Andrew Marshall, Paul Robbins

June 2013:          Winners:        Norman Ewing  and  Lawrence Pearlman
                          Runners up:   Claire Montgomery  and  Tony Tearle

April 2013:          Winners:        Valerie Cowan  and  Norman Ewing
                          Runners up:    Liz Mann  and  Paul Monk

February 2013:    Winners:        Terry Smith  and  Gary Kerr
                          Runners up:   Mary McLaren  and  Andrew Marshall, Josh Mitchell (tied)

January 2013:      Winners:        Sheila Engelbrecht  and  Lou Rapa
                          Runners up:   Gary Kerr  and  Paul Robbins

October 2012:     Winners:        Claire Montgomery, Sheila Engelbrecht (tied) and Laurie Cheney
                          Runners up:   Gerard Bermingham  and  Ian Woodley

August 2012:      Winners:        Tanya Cheney, Paul Ng (tied)  and Andy Marshall
                          Runners up:    Valerie Cowan  and   Stephen Greenwood and David Winter (tied)

July 2012:            Winners:        Gill Ewing  and  Andy Marshall, Ian Woodley (tied)
                           Runner up:     Jan O'Grady

Winter Finals Day  Winners:       Claire Montgomery  and  Paul Robbins
                           Runners up:   Jan O'Grady  and  Ian Woodley

April 2012:           Winners:        Gillian Latham  and  Martin Eyre
                           Runners up:   Sheila Engelbrecht and Andrew Marshall

December 2011:   Winners:        Liz Mann  and  Stuart Lewis
                           Runners up:   Mary McLaren  and  Lou Rapa

November 2011:   Winners:        Cynthia O'Donnell  and  Laurie Cheney
                           Runners up:   Jan O'Grady  and  Stuart Lewis, James Ellwood, Josh Mitchell

October 2011:      Winners:        Gillian Latham  and  Andy Marshall
                           Runners up:   Gill Ewing, Valerie Cowan, Claire Montgomery and  David Thompson