Seasons 2010-2019

These links will take you to the websites for the Watford & District Tennis League, Herts County Summer League, Hot Rackets and Herts Winter Veterans' League from previous seasons.

Watford & District Tennis League

2019   Season:                           League Tables
2018   Season:                           League Tables
2017   Season:                           League Tables
2016   Season:                           League Tables
2015   Season:                           League Tables 
2014   Season:                           League Tables
2013   Season:                           League Tables
2012   Season:                           League Tables                      
2011   Season:                           League Tables

Hot Rackets Inter Club Tennis League

2019   Summer Season:        Mens 1          Mens 2                 Ladies  1          Ladies 2
2018   Summer Season:        Mens 1          Mens 2                 Ladies 1           Ladies 2
2017   Summer Season:         Mens                                          Ladies
2016   Summer Season:         Mens                                          Ladies
2015   Summer Season:                                                             Ladies
2014   Summer Season:                                                             Ladies
2013   Summer Season:                                                             Ladies

Herts County Winter Veterans League

2019-2020   Winter Season:       Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2018-2019   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2017-2018   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2016-2017   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2015-2016   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2014-2015   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2013-2014   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2012-2013   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2011-2012   Winter Season:         Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings
2010-2011   Winter Season:        Mens Standings                  Ladies Standings

Herts County Summer League
2017   Summer Season:               League Tables
2016   Summer Season:               League Tables
2015   Summer Season:               League Tables
2014   Summer Season:               League Tables
2013   Summer Season:               League Tables
2012   Summer Season:               League Tables
2011   Summer Season:               League Tables