Social Tennis

Social Tennis sessions are held on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Simply turn up and play – without the hassle of having to arrange a partner or four.

It’s a great way to discover new opponents or meet up with players you already know. The simple principle of “next four waiting go on” means everyone gets to a experience a variety of tennis standards and styles.

Social tennis is open to all Adult full members and some Juniors who the coaches have assessed as being of the appropriate standard.

Club social play timetable

  • Tuesday: 6.00pm onwards.
  • Saturday: 1.00pm until dark (winter), 2.00 until dark (summer).
  • Bank holiday Mondays: 2.00pm until dark.

Social Winter League

The Winter League is an intra-club competition – open to all Adult full members – that runs from November to March. Players sign up via a sheet in the clubhouse and are assigned to teams designed to be roughly matched. They then compete as follows:

  • Tuesdays, 7.00pm onwards. (4 courts)
  • Thursdays, 7.00pm onwards. (2 courts)

During the winter, normal Social Tennis runs on Court 5.

Social Session Rules and Etiquette

  • Have fun after all its a social tennis session!
  • There is no seeding for ability – the next four available should play and, where possible, play mixed doubles.
  • The Committee have been asked for clarification on order of play priorities at Club Sessions. The Committee would prefer not to be too prescriptive and hope that members can agree between themselves.

For example, if someone has had only one set and has been waiting in the Clubhouse for half an hour, it would make sense for them to play before someone who turned up 2 minutes ago. Equally if someone has had 3 sets and has not been waiting long, it would seem courteous to let someone go on who hasn’t yet played.

  • However, if there are situations that arise where players can’t agree, it is suggested that a player already waiting would have priority over one who has just arrived.