NEW Tennis Ladder

Including in your membership and NEW for 2022 is our online tennis ladders for both adult and junior members. 


Tennis Rungs is our new online tennis ladder for 2022. 

How it works

Choose the category you wish to play in from the list below:

- Mens Doubles

- Ladies Doubles

- Mixed Doubles


-  Mixed Singles

Simply, email Sharna at [email protected]  the following details:

1. Name
2. E-mail
3. Contact number
4. Name of the league you wish to enter and for Doubles, your partner's details as above

Once you are registered you will be able to contact your opponents via Tennis Rungs website. Then simply book a court and get playing. 


League rules. - COMING SOON


  • The scoring format is the best of 3 sets. At 1 set all play a Championship Tie-Break to 10points (not a 3rd set to 6 games)