May 2021 Singles Ladder

May Singles Ladder - upated 4th June

There have been no match results posted since 22nd May so the postions below (as at 24/5) still stand. Thanks for your feedback. It has been decided to continue for the month of June and to try and encourage more participation.


You may challenge a player up to 3 places above you.

Contact by email or mobile phone number and arrange a time and date within the week.

Challenger to book the court and provide balls.

Play one set to 6 (by 2 clear games) or if 6-6 a championship tie break (first to 10) 

In the absence of a physical ladder and to allow all participants to be aware of challenges, match results and the movements up and down the ladder - it is necessary to implement the following.

  • All players can make or accept one challenge per week, the ladder will be updated with results and displayed here each Monday morning to enable new challenges to be made.

The winner to email the result to [email protected] on the same day as the match is played. If the challenger wins, they take the place of their opponent and everyone moves down one place. If the challenged player wins, positions remain the same.

It is hoped more members will join, please spread the word.

Any comments or suggestions please to [email protected]