Adult Courses

Coaching for Adults

Coaching provision for adults ranges from group programmes through the ability spectrum up from adult beginners and improvers through intermediate game improvement sessions and tactics and cardio workouts to individual sessions which may be organised directly with Ian on an ad-hoc basis.

Coaching sessions for all abilities are held during school terms on Monday, Thursday and Friday morning and from March to September on Saturday morning and Thursday evening. 

Private group sessions are also available, please contact [email protected].


Improve your Game

Performance coach Sam Peace and coach Jack Crossley offer group coaching, from time to time, for adults on various aspects of your game – from serving and volleying to topspin forehands and doubles tactics.

Keep your eyes peeled for more group coaching sessions as they are advertised.


Rusty Rackets

Rusty Rackets is ideal for players who haven't played for a while. During April/May each year we run a programme for new members to the Club.