Hampton Club de Petanque Pairs Competition 2021

The latest standings can be viewed here: Latest standings

There are 27 teams entered in this years’ competition, and have been split into three pools of seven and one pool of six by a random draw made by the committee on Monday 22nd March.

A list of teams and contact details can be found here


Each team will play one match against all the other teams in their pool. Each match will consist of two games, first to 13 points. Teams will arrange their games between each other, and will book a piste using the Hampton in Arden booking system on this website https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/HamptonInArden/Booking/BookByDate#?date=2021-03-19&role=guest

Teams must notify their scores to Dan Adams at [email protected] within 24 hours of completing their game by email.

All pool games must finish by 30th May.

Once the pool games have been completed, there will be a finals day between the top two teams in each pool

This will consist of a quarter final, semi final, and final. Teams getting knocked out at the quarter final will play in a reserve competition.

Finals day is 13th June. If a team is not able to play on finals day, they will be replaced by the next placed team in their pool.

To respect COVID rules in existence, players should ensure that they maintain social distance as best as they can whilst playing.

  • Please stand at the side of the piste and not behind the thrower.
  • Only the players from the throwing team should be on the piste at any time.
  • Plastic circles should not be used.
  • Players should mark circles  to start play in accordance with petanque rules, and should ensure that circles are two meters from the circle/jack being used on the adjacent piste.
  • Only throw your own jack, and only handle your own boules.
  • Measuring should be done by one person,
  • An opponent is allowed to check the measurement if they are not sure,
  • There will be a string in the middle of each terrain marking the two pistes.
  • For this competition, this will be a dead boule line. Any boules crossing this line will be considered dead and should be removed from the terrain as soon as possible. If the jack crosses this string, then the end has finished and dead jack rules will apply. The outside strings will obviously still be dead boule lines. To be absolutely clear, boules and jack are dead when they fully cross the string. The best way to check is to look directly down from above the boule.
  • Once an end has been completed, and the scores have been agreed, please collect your own boules separately.
  • Teams will toss to start each game. The winner of the toss will throw first.

Any queries, please contact Geoff Phillips. If you have a query at the time you are playing, please ask a committee member if there is one present. The rules of petanque will always apply except where they vary from the regulations of this competition.