Coaching update June 2020

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Under recent guidance we are now permitted to run 1:1 sessions and small groups of no more than 1:5

|The coaching team feel under the above guidance they are unable to deliver the normal coaching programme (the way they want to safely and efficiently, and would rather wait until further restrictions are lifted to get back to the standard format



The coaching team in partnershiop with the committee have decided that delivering 1:4 is optimal.

Smaller focus groups place mpre focus on the attention of the individual child whilst keeping the energy and intesity high. We feel small group delivery aids the individual learning which leads to them reaching their full potential.

If anyone is interested in participating in some interim small group sessions, these will be chasrged at £35 per hour split between the participants. If you are keen to get involved, please contact Ian on [email protected] or 07968451956 so we can put your name down and look to set up some sessionss starting week beginning 22nd June

There will be no commitment, for this it will run on a weeklyy basis with group fees taken from the coaches for the session