Challenger Tournament 2021

After missing out last year, the Challenger Tournament is back!

If you haven't heard of the Challenger Tournament, very simply, it is the tournament without all the really good players in! This tournament is for beginners up to those getting into our lowest league teams (5th team for men and 4th team for women).

So if you haven't played in a tournament for a while or not at all, or feel the standard in the Open Tournament is too high, please give it a go! We'd love to see you take part.

We are now accepting entries, which must reach us by Saturday 17th April 2021. The tournament runs from the end of April through to finals day on 26th June 2021 (just before Wimbledon starts).

For those who are feeling left out, don't worry, watch out for planned Junior events and later in the summer we plan to run the Open Tournament which will be open to everyone.

Please note the new junior events below!

Entry requirements:

  1. You must be a paid (full or by installment) member of the Club.
  2. Men cannot have played for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Team in the 2019 League Season *.
  3. Women cannot have played for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Team in the 2019 League Season *.
  4. You must be available on Finals day (26th June 2021) from 12:00 to 18:00.

* If you feel you are eligible to play contact us and we will consider your entry on a case by case basis. For example: you may have played in a team due to another player dropping out and you were not a regular in that team.



The following events are available:

Ladies' Singles

Entries so far:

Ellena Gaspar

Men's Singles

Entries so far:

Steve Mo
James Knott
Gary Lawrence
Michael Young
Jonathan Devaney
Dan Smyth
John Morgans
Angus Turner
Adam Marten
Floyd Price
Ray Barnett
Ben Leach
Harry Leach
Owen Morgans
Regan Morgans
Stephen Morris
David Sandalls
Gary Bryant
Charlie Rickard
Flynn Rickard

(Doubles: If you don't have a partner we are happy to find you one!)

Ladies' Doubles

Entries so far:

Claire Bowie & Pauline Morris
Karen Vithanage & Katerina Gaspar
Rachel Morgans & Louise Busby
Ellena Gaspar & Jo Oswald
Isabella Gaspar & Catrin Oswald
Amanda Goodyer & TBC
Lizzie Allister & TBC

Men's Doubles

Entries so far:

Steve Mo & Philip Lau
Michael Young & Dan Smyth
Gary Lawrence & Stephen Morris
James Knott & TBC 
Jonathan Devaney & TBC 
John Morgans & Floyd Price
Adam Marten & TBC
Wayman Morris & Raymond Barnett
Mike Williams & Stephen Phelps-Jones
Harry Leach & Ben Leach
Owen Morgans & Regan Morgans
David Sandalls & TBC
Charlie Rickard & Flynn Rickard
Gary Bryant & TBC
Guy Hemington & TBC

Mixed Doubles

Entries so far:

Karen Vithanage & Steve Mo
Claire Bowie & Stephen Phelps-Jones
Michael Young & TBC 
James Knott & TBC 
Dan Smyth & TBC 
Rachel Morgans & John Morgans
Adam Marten & TBC
Floyd Price & TBC
Wayman Morris & TBC
Ellena Gaspar & Owen Morgans
Raymond Barnett & TBC
Mike Williams & TBC
Isabella Gaspar & Regan Morgans
Louise Busby & Gary Bryant
Stephen Morris & Jo Oswald
Amanda Goodyer & TBC
Lizzie Allister & TBC
David Sandalls & TBC
Jayne Barnes & Raymond Barnett
Guy Hemington & TBC

** NEW **

U14 Boys

Entries so far:

Hugo Smyth
Ryan Bennett
Monty Bryant

U18 Boys

Entries so far:

Harry Leach
Ben Leach
Owen Morgans
Regan Morgans
Flynn Rickard

U16 Girls

Entries so far:

Isabella Gaspar

U18 Girls

Entries so far:

Ellena Gaspar
Eve Busby
Nell Bryant


Please send an email to [email protected]. Emails have gone missing in the past so we will send you a reply confirming your entry within a day. If you do not recieve a confirmation reply from us, please try again.

When we have finalised the draws, we will send them to you. By entering you also agree to have your contact details (email and phone number) shared with other participants. If you don't want to share your contact details, please state this clearly when you send us your entry.

This tournament will follow rules outlined here.

We wish you all the best in the Challenger Tournament!