Social Tennis

The Tennis Club has 4 Social Tennis sessions each week. Social Tennis is a lovely way to enjoy your Club, make new friends and improve your game. Primarily for adult members, the Sessions give you a chance to meet up with other tennis members. The Sessions are free but you will need to pay for light tokens if it's dark. You do not need to commit to playing every week, join in when you feel like it. The days/times are shown below. The format is doubles played in a friendly atmosphere - but don't think your tennis won't be challenged!

We strive to be as inclusive as possible and we are sure that any members wanting to give Social Tennis a try will feel very welcome.

If you're interested in any of the Social Sessions then please e-mail




All sessions tend to run on doubles pairings. You will play doubles for a set or less. Then players will play with a different 4 for the next set. It is not complusory, but many members enjoy some refreshment in the bar afterwards too!!

Friday Morning Doubles 

There is also Friday morning doubles from 10-11am where you play 12 games against a different pair. 

Pop Up Tennis 

This is separate from the organised sessions above. If you want a game at any time, post a message to the Pop-Up tennis Whatsapp group and see if there are any others who want to play either Singles or Doubles.


Junior Social Tennis