Summer Singles Tennis Ladder


  • Open to all Adult club members and junior members who have been invited to attend Adult Club Sessions.
  • Runs from early May until the end of September
  • Arrange your own matches at a time that suits you
    (Matches can be played during club sessions if the numbers permit)
  • 1 set per match (tie-break at 6-6)

It’s up to you how seriously you want to take it and how many matches you want to play over the summer, but we would like you to try to play at least 1 per month.

We hope that everyone who joins will find someone to have a good game against.  



This year we will be awarding the Club Singles Trophies based on final positions within the ladder, as long as

  • You have played at least 5 matches (ie an average of 1 per month)
  • You have played against at least 4 different people

For more information, talk to Caroline at one of the weekly club sessions, or email Harburytennisclub