Reopening of the Venue

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The directors are discussing how the club can safely implement the changes in government guidance. We are working with the LTA and hope to reopen the club by the end of next week. This will be done with a number of restrictions and only when it is safe to do so. 

By its very nature, tennis is an activity whereby close person to person contact can be avoided, with the official guidance promoting tennis as a good example of an activity that can be undertaken in a way compliant with social distancing restrictions. 

We feel we are uniquely placed in Hartlepool to offer a safe environment for families and individuals to play tennis. Our new online booking system means you can reserve a court and pay online. With our electric gate we can also ensure a maximum of three parties access the venue at any one time using unique PINs. Also, due to the layout of our venue, each party can play in their own completely separate court area.

The safety of our members and visitors is our top priority and we know you will be patient with us as we work to get this right. Many thanks.