AGM minutes

Hauxton Tennis AGM


Thursday 10 February 2022

Hauxton Centre


Committee members: John Hammond (Chair), Caroline Ruben (Welfare Officer), Hazel Hammond (ex-Treasurer), Jane Ward (PC Chair), Richard Geyman, Pierpaolo Maisano Delser, Tuhin Chaturvedi.


Present: 2 other members of the club


Apologies: George Cooper (Treasurer)


Minutes of the last AGM on 11 2 2021 were approved.


  1. Chair’s report

    The Chair reported that there had been 88 annual subscriptions in 2021 compared with 74 in 2020.   In total 152 people played as part of Hauxton Tennis, with pay-as-you-go on top of this.

    In 2021 the subscriptions were:
    27 adult
    13 Couples
    26 Families
    22 Juniors

    Only one ‘Off-peak’ subscription had been purchased and it was agreed that in view of the low uptake, Off-peak subscriptions should be discontinued.

    The Chair explained, as last year, that all payments go towards maintenance and development of the Sports Ground as a whole, the same as for football and cricket fees.

    In the 2021 season, new windbreak screening and extra ball-stop netting had been installed using external grant funding, and volunteer labour.
  2. Treasurer’s report (presented by the Chair in the absence of the Treasurer)

    The total fees taken (from the Stripe payment system) for tennis during the 2021 season to date was £6,245 gross including VAT, before deducting payment fees.  This compared with £5,988 in 2020.  Of this 2021 total, £4,760 was for annual subscriptions, and £1,485 was from pay-as-you-go.  
  3. Election of officers and committee members.
    The following people were appointed:

    Chair – Pierpaolo Maisano Delser
    Welfare Officer – Caroline Ruben
    Committee members:
    Dave Dunnett
    Tuhin Chaturvedi
    Nigel Coatsworth
    John Hammond (Membership Secretary)

    Nominated committee members:
    Jane Ward as the Parish Council Chair.
    George Cooper as Treasurer, as part of his function as Financial Officer for the Parish Council.

    (At this point Pier took over the Chair of the meeting)

    It was proposed and agreed that John and Hazel Hammond should be granted Free Life Membership of the Club, for their contribution to Hauxton Tennis, under the terms of the Club constitution.

    It was agreed that Caroline Ruben should be given free membership of Hauxton Tennis, whilst she holds the position of Welfare Officer.

    Committee members agreed that their contact details could be published on the Hauxton Tennis website.
  4. Infrastructure
    1. Floodlighting
      Some committee members had visited Stapleford tennis courts and viewed their innovative LED strip floodlighting from  It was agreed that this should be progressed by the committee, with a view to installing this on both courts.

      It was recognised that achieving planning consent was a key step in the process.  (ACTION: Pier to prepare the planning application, with John’s assistance, for submission to the planning authority by the Parish Council.)

      It was agreed that the first step was to ask a representative of the UK distributor for Tweener lighting (ETC.Ltd) to visit the site to advise on requirements.  Moreover, it was agreed to contact Nick Robinson (Stapleford tennis club) asking more details regarding the system to link the lights to ClubSpark and the digital lock as Nick Drake from ETC was not sure about the installation in Stapleford. (ACTION: Tuhin)

      Nigel offered to advise on the electrical aspects of the installation.  
      (ACTION: John to show Nigel the electrical facilities within the pavilion plant room)

      It was agreed that when planning consent had been gained, an application to the FCC Communities Foundation should be made for grant funding.  (ACTION: Pier to prepare with John’s assistance)

      It was noted that a sum of 10.75% of the value of the grant would need to be found separately, to qualify for the FCC grant.  This could possibly be made up from existing sports ground funds, the LTA and/or local funding.  
      (ACTION: Jane to raise with a local business)
    2. Court surface maintenance and repairs
      The courts installer had visited the site last autumn to inspect pitting and some surface break-up.  Minor repairs had been undertaken at the time, but larger areas had been deferred until spring 2022.  The Parish Council had authorised expenditure on moss and weed control when the club deemed it necessary during 2022.  (ACTION: Committee to monitor and liaise with contractor)

      It was noted that debris from adjacent trees regularly needed sweeping away, and it was agreed that tennis court brooms should be purchased for players to use.  (ACTION: Pier to seek authorisation from the PC to purchase the brooms)
    3. Overhanging tree branches
      Concern had been expressed regarding an adjacent willow tree with ivy (owned by the PC) with branches overhanging the courts, which if either the tree or large branches came down, would cause significant damage to the courts and fencing.  It was agreed that quotations (PC requires two) should be obtained and submitted to the parish council for the tree to be reduced in height or removed completely.  
      (ACTION: Jane to ask Julian to provide one of the quotes, Pier to submit to PC)
  5. Club operational matters
    1. Representation on Sports Committee
      For 2021, Hauxton Tennis had been represented by Caroline and Richard.  Since Pier and Tuhin were now also on the Sports Committee, it was agreed that the club should be represented by Pier, Tuhin and Caroline, going forward.
    2. Fees for 2022
      A survey of other local clubs concluded that Hauxton was comparable with most other clubs in 2021, and that the majority had not yet published their fees for 2022.  It was decided to defer a decision on fees for 2022 until early March when more information should be available, prior to season start on 1st April.  The committee will then review at that time.  
      (ACTION:  Committee to meet and review in March)
    3. Change of gate code
      It was agreed that the gate code would be changed at the start of the season.  (ACTION: Pier to do this with John)
    4. Wimbledon Ballot
      The All England Lawn Tennis Association have a new centralised system for 2022, which does not involve any administration by the LTA affiliated clubs.  Hauxton Tennis players with annual subscriptions would have been contacted directly by the LTA and needed to ‘Opt In’ to the LTA ballot.  The deadline for Opting In had already passed.
    5. Other issues
      A club member asked about the possibility of placing benches on the courts for putting clothing on during play.  (ACTION: Committee to consider)

      The issue of car parking was raised again.  The limitations of this were discussed, and it was accepted that the situation is unlikely to improve until the industrial site behind the sports ground is developed.  

      The contact details on the gate, for assistance in the event of difficulties with access, will be removed, as it was decided that it was players’ responsibility since they receive the code in the booking confirmation email.