Our club wishes to ensure any data we hold about you is relevant, transparent and kept safe under the new GDPR regulations. We have also considered what is reasonable  information sharing for a club to function smoothly

As such our approach is :-

  1.  We will only hold data on individuals who are active members or who have given explicit consent for us to have their contact details. We will seek explicit consent for in club information sharing from new members.
  2.  Information will be shared with the LTA and Helsby community sports club  with whom we are affiliated and also the coaching team.
  3.  Information will not be shared with other external 3rd parties without expicitly sought consent.
  4.  As a member of a club we will share your information when it is considered reasonable for the effective functioning of a club for your benefit with other club members (for instance with team captains/ team members to arrange match fixtures or catering arrangements etc). If you do not wish your details to be shared in this way it is your responsibility to let us know.
  5.  If you are happy for your details to be widely available  to other club members to ensure effective communication and easier arrangement of matches there will be a sheet up in the club house for you to add your contact details. This will be deemed explicit consent.
  6.  Any contact for children under 16 should be through their parent/carer.
  7.  We will not send group emails unless for the explicit purpose of committee functioning.
  8.  Teams may use emails  and if all members are in agreement facebook / whats app groups in order to  coordinate team events. We would deem this a reasonable approach to team coordination and cohesiveness.
  9.  Any question about our GDPR policy should be directed to thecommittee who will endeavor to provide clarification.

Clubspark's Privacy Policy can be found here.