Online Coaching

We offer online tennis training classes to improve strength & conditioning. We focus on balance, endurance and movement patterns. 

The classes are accessible to ALL ages and levels of fitness and to both members and non-members. 

Limited equipment is necessary - a yoga mat, kettle bell, resistance band and foam roller are recommended. 

Online Cardio Classes (BOOKING A SPACE) 

Tips and Tricks - see below for short videos to keep you on form:

No 1. The serve click here

No 2. Controlling the ball click here

No 3. Using your legs click here

No 4. The volley click here

No 5. Footwork/kick-ups click here

No 6. Mastering the single-handed backhand A click here

No 7. Mastering the single-handed backhand B click here

No 8. Mastering the forehand click here

No 9. Workout: footwork & coordination click here

No 10. Forehand demonstration click here

No 11. Serve demonstration click here

No 12. Controlling the baseline click here