Lockdown Coaching

We are offering online tennis fitness training classes to improve your strength & conditioning for the courts.  The classes will focus on stability, muscular endurance and performance movement. 

Limited equipment is necessary -  a yoga mat, kettle bell, resistance band and foam roller will however help you benefit fully from the classes. The classes are run by our Head Coach every Wednesday evening from 6pm and Saturday morning from 10am. The classes are accessible to all ages and levels of fitness and to both members and non-members. 

Lockdown Cardio Classes (BOOKING A SPACE) 

Lockdown Tips and Tricks

Tips - see below for short videos to keep you on form during lockdown:

No 1. The serve click here

No 2. Controlling the ball click here

No 3. Using your legs click here

No 4. The volley click here

No 5. Footwork/kick-ups click here

No 6. Mastering the single-handed backhand A click here

No 7. Mastering the single-handed backhand B click here

No 8. Mastering the forehand click here

No 9. Workout: footwork & coordination click here

No 10. Forehand demonstration click here

No 11. Serve demonstration click here