AGM 2018

Henley Tennis Club [‘the Club’] AGM 2018– final


27 Nov 2018


The Bird in Hand


Colin Main, Chair

Mike Pugsley, Treasurer

John Tamplin, Facilities Manager

Lesley Watts, Member

Gay Bradbury, Member

Shirley Lees, Member


Andrew Jeremy, Katy Bayly




  1.    Apologies

Andrew Jeremy, Katy Bayly.




  1.    Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

Propose:       John Tamplin

Second:        Gay Bradbury



  1.    Chairman's Report     

Membership is down from 350 last year to 230 this year.


It is proposed that we will have a membership drive early in the new year to attract new members as well as attempting to get previous members to re-join.


The new lease rewrite is still on going with the Henley College consultants, to account for additional by-back costs and no buy back reduction on-going.


The courts are now re-surfaced and patched. We do have a couple of items outstanding. Some additional work is required on court 4 to address paint issues from weather conditions as the court was being maintained. The Orange court still needs more repairs to make it safe for use.

Other expenditure from 2018 to improve the club is as follows.

              New fences on courts 3, 4, and 5

              3 new benches for courts 3,4,5

              2 new picnic tables for outside club house

              New net posts for courts 3,4,5

              New nets for courts 3,4,5

              Ramp to allow ease of use of ball machine from club house to new path

              New key storage lock for ease of access


Other work that has been carried out at the club to improve the facilities are as follows -

              Weed barrier around all courts.

              Knocking down lumps on courts 1 and 2

              Area behind court 1 in process of being cleared.   

              Pathway started from club house to court 3 to allow ball machine ease of use

              Bin provided for club house


Floodlights update

              We now have 3 quotes

                           Full                      £39,000 +vat £47,000

                           Low level 1        £9,900 +vat £12,000    Poles that need to be elevated

                           Low level 2        £26,000 +vat £31,500  Static lower poles



  1.    Treasurers' Report

Adjusting for year-on -year, Subscriptions are down some £3,000 on 2016/17

to around £11,000. This is due primarily to a drop in total membership of about a third.


The £10,000 increase to £16,300 in the costs of Clubhouse, Courts, etc. is mainly due to the £14,200 in year expenditure on the comprehensive upgrade of the three upper courts (with a further £10,500 falling in the current 2018/19 accounting year).


The net effect of the above accounts mainly for a reduction in our Reserves to £46,791 as at 30th September.

Propose:  John Tamplin

Second:   Colin Main


  1.    Fees for 2019

Colin Main proposed that membership fees remain the same as we have a healthy balance in the clubs accounts that enable us to install floodlights in 2019 and still have sufficient funds for ad-hoc improvements.

Propose:  John Tamplin

  • Second:   Mike Pugsley


  1.    Appointment of Auditor

Propose:  John Tamplin

           Second:   Gay Bradbury


  1.    Election of new committee

After a couple of years without a full committee Colin Main can now report that all major posts are filled.

Propose:  John Tamplin

  • Second:   Gay Bradbury



  • 9.    AOB       
  • Lesley Watts advised that the fences on court 2 need to be pinned at the bottom as balls are escaping. Colin Main advised he would fix this issue.
  • Colin Main advised that people are leaving rubbish on the courts around the benches. Colin to send a message out to members to take rubbish away, and to look into adding a bin.
  • Colin Main asked if the AGM date could be changed to a warmer month as it might encourage more attendees. Mike Pugsley said that the AGM date was linked to the accounts date and would therefore be problematical to change. Agreed to leave as is for now and think of other ways to increase AGM attendance.
  • Mike Pugsley advised that an additional signatory was required for Santander Bank account as Peter Handley had disappeared. Mike to advise what is required to make it happen.
  • John Tamplin advised that Allen Levy was available again to rejoin the committee in some capacity. Colin Main to chat to Allen about the role he would like to play in the club.
  • Shirley Lees thanked the committee for their work in running the club.
  • Caversham Tennis Club are closing. It was proposed that we contact them to see if they had floodlights that could be reused at our club.
  • Lesley Watts asked if there was anything we could do to make sure that tennis camps did not get cancelled due to low numbers. Colin Main advised that we ran more tennis camps this year than previously and unfortunately the only 2 camps cancelled were the ones that Lesley’s granddaughter was planned to attend.
  • Club Teams
  • Jeremy Wright advised that we now have 2 men’s teams and 1 men’s team in competitive leagues. The men’s side is flourishing and is much easier to get teams out, especially as we are in two separate county leagues. Enabling men to be available for both teams. Colin Main (Ladies Team Captain) reported that we are making progress and are able to field a team most of the time. No wins as yet but progress is being made.
  • Coaching Programs
  • All sessions are still be run. Roughly the same numbers as last year.
  • Coaches
  • We have had additional coaches available this year. Adam Deviliers, and Louise Kilshaw (Former British Ladies Number 1). Adam will be leaving at the end of the year to concentrate on another business opportunity. Louise has advised she will no longer be able to run Saturday morning kids coaching due to child care commitments of her own. Coli (Head Coach) will take over the sessions until our new coach, Andy Perry, is qualified.