Book on line.   Members 12 days ahead.       Non-members 48 hrs ahead if courts available.

Click on "court booking" .     Sign in (TOP RIGHT)  to get access.    Toggle for squash/tennis courts.     Click on court at  start time.  FREE indicates the court is available

 Squash will give default court time of 30 minutes but as you can play in the *closed slot" at the end of each bookimg the total time available for play is 45 mins.   For  Tennis scroll down and choose your end time.

"Add participant".   Sign in playing partner. Toggle  for guest or member.    Confirm and pay online as appropriate.

NB If booking more than 1 hour with a guest make a 2nd  booking , change the default setting to “Member” to prevent a second  charge of £5.

 Please  cancel courts if not required .  Refunds  are available up to 24  hrs.  If  bad weather occurs  and need to cancel  tennis within 24hours  contact  [email protected]  and a court can be booked for you at another time free of charge.

** Costs :    Squash Court £3 for 45 minutes ( 30 minutes plus 15 minutes *closed* slot)

                         Floodlit tennis court  £5 per hour per court.   

                         Floodlights for individual tennis coaching  (adult or child)   £2.50.       Pay to coach.

                         Tennis  Clubnight .    £2 per person if under lights.       Pay on arrival. 

                          Visitor  of a member as below. 


Booking for a  family member-: Log into ClubSpark using your account. Click on the user account icon at the top right of the screen and select your child’s/family member  name from the list. This will  reload the page and allow you to book courts on their behalf.

 Queries:     Contact   manager  Stuart   [email protected]        01432 276389   when bar is open. 

Non-Members.   PAY and PLAY

TENNIS  ( 1 hour)         £12   daylight /  £20  floodlights.    Pay on line. 

  SQUASH   courts 1-5  Mon-Fri from 4pm onwards,  Sats 10 am - 4pm.  Ring  01432 276389.   £9 per 45 mins, pay  at bar before playing.

Visitors of Members

A member can bring a visitor  subject to payment of a visitor fee,   maximum of 6 visits per year.

Visitor rates  Tennis : Adult £5 per person and Juniors (under 18 yrs) £2.   Squash £4 per person (pay on arrival)

(in addition to usual  to relevant court fee) .

Courts can be booked by members on line or by phone.

Want to play regularly?   JOIN HERE !      Hereford Squash Tennis & Racketball Centre / Membership / Packages (

Make savings and get more benefits by taking out one of our  membership options. 

Tennis:  Daylight tennis is included in membership.  Floodlight tennis £5 per hour.  

Squash:  A court fee of £3.00 per 45 minutes (30 minutes plus 15 minutes at the end in the closed slot) applies for squash and racketball.