Internal Tennis Ladder

If you would like to play some friendly yet competitive singles tennis, then please join our NEW Tennis Ladder. The ladder is open to all adult members and any junior member playing in a development squad or equivalent (if in doubt please discuss with your coach).

To join simply email your name, telephone number and an email address to Mike Howard, Ladder Administrator. ( will then be sent a log in code.

Please find below the rules (please use common sense when applying these), you are responsible for entering you own scores for every completed match


This tennis ladder has been introduced to provide members with an opportunity to meet new players and play competitive yet friendly games of tennis over a specified period.

It is likely to take a little while for sensible rankings on the ladder to be established.

Note this ladder is open to all, you climb the ladder by playing and winning matches… do nothing you will get nothing.

Each player must provide a telephone number and where possible an email address where he/she can be reached for setting dates for matches.

Please use the following rules with a degree of flexibility and good humour. Remember, it's only a game!

As this is a new Ladder we will not have such rules as challenging only 3 places higher for the time being.

  • Only fully paid members of the club may participate in the ladder.
  • Once a challenge has been set no other challenge can be taken on until the match has been cancelled, forfeited, or played and the results entered.
  • The date and time of any match should be mutually convenient for both players. A challengee must respond to a challenge within 7 days after being challenged and a match must be set up within 14 days of the challenge or give a default.
  • If any player fails to turn up for an arranged match the other player wins by default (6-0, 6-0)
  • Matches must be played to best of 3 sets.
  • New players wishing to join the ladder should do so by emailing
  • Any player forfeiting twice will be contacted regarding their continuing participation.
  • All match scores should be inputted on-line as soon as possible after the match and forfeits should be reported to the ladder administrator.
  • The challenger is responsible for checking court availability. Match fixtures / junior coaching and club nights take priority and can be viewed on the web site / notice board. You are also responsible for paying your flood light fees! If you don’t the club will not benefit
  • Avoid these times.
  • Social Tennis:  Wednesday night 6.30pm -9pm – Saturday between 2pm-5pm on courts 1-4
  • Friday night 7pm-10pm Men’s night   (though courts are usually available)
  • Weekdays between 4pm and 7pm – Saturdays 10-12 ( junior priority and coaching)
  • Results / Standings can be viewed below: