Summer Ladder

Yvonne Winward has kindly offered to run another Ladder which is open for ALL levels of players and we hope that it will provide you with an opportunity to meet other club members and improve your game and match play so do please sign up to help make this a success, it is fun, social and not too serious! 

It will run from April 12th -August 31st.

Please do sign up the deadline is Friday, April 2nd, you can enter both singles and doubles. 

For entry to SINGLES Click HERE            

For entry to DOUBLES Click HERE 


1) The goal is that everyone plays everyone else once by the end date. 

2) We will email you the contact details of the other players in your group so you can arrange the matches between yourselves.

3) Matches are the best of 3 sets, with the 3rd set as a championship tie break (first to 10 points) if needed. 
If a set reaches 5 games all, a short tie break is played (first to 7 points)

4) Points are awarded as follows: 

  • 1 point for playing, 1 point for every set won.
  • If the match score was 2-0 sets, the winner would get 3 points and the other side would get 1 point for playing.
  • If the match score was 2-1 sets, the winner would again get 3 points and the other side would get 2 points (1 for playing + 1 for each set won)
  • Any unfinished matches can be finished at another time.  If you don’t finish, you would get the 1 point for playing plus points for a completed, won set.

5) Doubles partners can be mixed or same gender with at least one partner aged 18 years or older.

6) The winners are the team/player with the most points and Seven Tuns vouchers will be given as prizes.

7) You may not substitute your partner unless agreed by the other team in advance and any substitutes must also be a current club member.

8) We suggest the side that instigates the challenge books the court and brings the balls.

9) Please be on time if you would like to warm up.  Matches must start at 10 minutes past the court booking (e.g., if a court is booked for 11am, then the match should start by 11:10am).  If any team is missing a player by 10 minutes past, you forfeit the game.

10) After the match is played, the winner should submit the scores via a link that will be given with the contact details.

11) Results will be updated and emailed regularly.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Yvonne [email protected]