Junior and Adult Tennis Box Leagues

Hillhead Junior and Adult Mixed Singles Box Leagues


Who can enter = any member can enter the box leagues and is free to all members!

Arranging Games = You will be given all contact details of your box league to arrange on your own accord, if you’re having difficulty then please get in touch with Ash to resolve any issues.

Scoring Format = You have 2 options

Option A = Fast 4 rules Learn More About FAST4 Tennis | LTA  - best of 3 sets, 2 sets first to 4 games tiebreak at 3-3 to 7pts {2 clear at 6-6} and the 3rd set being a Match tiebreaker to 10pts again 2 clear points.

Sudden death deuce at 40-40 – receiver chooses which side they want to receive the deciding pt.

Option B = 2 normal sets to 6 – tiebreaker at 6-6 to 7pts {2 clear pts} if it’s 1 set all then a match tiebreaker to 10pts to be played again 2 clear pts.

Time = You will have a couple of months to complete as many matches as you can.

After Match Completion = Please send all results to [email protected] – detailing the title of the box league, (Atp finals, Aussie, French, Wimbledon and us open) your name and the name of your opponent, who won and what the score was.

Promotion and Relegation = This will be done via a pts system not total number of matches won/loss ratio unless there is a tie in points. The top 3 of each box will move up and the bottom 3 will move down after each term.

How the points system works =

Each match played will earn 5pts whether you have won or lost.

Every Game Bonus – each game you have won is a bonus pt for your score.

If you take it to a 3rd set but lose bonus of 10pts

The 3rd set is worth  1pts if you win as its recorded as a tiebreak regardless if you play a full set or not.

If you win the match you get a bonus of 20pts.

Prize = 1 free session in the group coaching whether it’s a junior or adult session awarded to the 1st place of each box league.

At the end of the year there will be an overall junior and adult masters champion, where there will be trophies for 1st place and additional prizes.

To sign up = Please contact Ash on 07545846744 or [email protected]


Current Box Leagues which are running and will finish Sunday 18th April 2021 (Subject to change at any time);







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