Junior Captains info

Summer 2019 Team Tennis - Captains of Junior teams. Thank you to those of you taking on the role of Team Captain We could not run these teams without you. Here is a brief reminder of what you need to do: 1. At least a week before the match, confirm the date, time and venue with the opposing captain. Contact details for all clubs in the Leicestershire junior leagues will be distributed to all junior team captains. 2. Together with Tom, the team captain selects the team 2. For away matches, make sure that all players are aware of the venue of the match, the starting time and the travel arrangements.  3. For home matches keep an eye on the weather and let the opposition know in reasonable time if the match has to be postponed.  Make sure you have the match balls for home fixtures. You also need to provide match day hospitality - please speak to those who have done it before, perhaps Becky Doughty or Jo Ellershaw or Donna. 4. For all matches a) Take a printed scorecard with you to the match and a copy of the rules for your age group (see the link below). There will also be printed Captains’ guides left in the clubhouse. b) Please collect in the match fees, £2 per player (this is to cover the team entry fee and new balls for home matches). The fees can be passed on to Neil Roberts, Tom Hall or John McGowan.  5. Results -  Match results need to be recorded on official scorecards, a copy for yourself and one for the opposition.  You should list all your players and include their BTM numbers. The completed scorecards should be signed by the captains. We have a stock of blank cards in the clubhouse, and below is a link to an online copy in case you need to print one out.  Please pin the completed scorecard to the notice boards in the clubhouse as soon as possible after the match so that the result can be recorded on the county website.  Alternatively just scan/photograph the scorecard and email it to neilroberts11@yahoo.co.uk  6. Rules - The rules regarding late arrival, postponing and abandoning matches, and all other matters can be found at : https://www.lta.org.uk/play-compete/competing/adult-tennis-competitions/team-tennis/team-tennis-rules-resources/ General WhatsApp groups are a great way of communicating between parents for each of our teams. We have a list of contact names and numbers available on request if you don’t have them. Please make your opposing team captain welcome, show them the courts, the facilities, etc. Before the match: Complete the singles nominations on the scorecard During and after the match: a) Invite the opposition into the clubhouse and offer some refreshments. Hopefully our children will be treated equally well when they play away. b) Complete and sign the scorecards c) Stay close to the courts throughout the match and keep an eye on the matches taking place. If any issues arise, speak to the opposing captain, not other parents and players. All players, parents and team captains must understand and respect the LTA's Fair Play values: These values apply equally to players, parents, coaches, officials and volunteers and cover all tennis activities, whether it is a competition, a friendly hit at a local court or a match you’re watching. Neil Roberts HTTC Junior Fixture Lead


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