HiT ladder competitions


Hingham tennis currently has  two friendly and fun internal HiT ladder competitions running for members.  The ladders are open to all adult members  Under 16 years may be invited to play by the HiT coaching team if they have reached the required playing standard but they must have parental consent and provide parent contact details. The ladder rules and contact details are posted in the tennis hut and can be downloaded via 

1) Singles ladder- men and ladies ladder for singles play only

Link to rules for ladder 1:  2019 HiT doubles&singles ladder rules

2) Flexi ladder competition 2019 HiT Flexi ladder rules

The flexi ladder was started in Sept 2018. This unique format aims to give members more opportunities to play friendly competitive doubles matches with other club members. It runs along side the existing standard format singles and doubles ladders which have been running since 2016. No regualr partner is required for the flexi ladder - just play with whoever is free. 

If you wish to sign up (members only) please arrange a ladder game. Once you have played a valid ladder game please add your name and details to the cards on the ladder board situated in the hut -on the wall to the left of the coaches cupboard- and email your details to hit ladder@gmail.com.

If you include a mobile number and have WhatsApp on your smart phone I will also add you to the new flexi ladder WhatsApp group.

If you wish to play as one of the pool of flexi players rather than as a named individual on the flexi ladder then email your name and details to me on hitladder@gmail.com and I will share with all the flexi ladder participants.

It is up to you to arrange games with other players-so sign up and get challenging!!


Previous HiT ladder  winners:

HiT Ladder Winners Dec 2019

Flexi Doubles ladder- Claire Crostwaite

Men's Singles ladder- Jean-Luc Quentin- Hicks

Ladies Singles ladder- Helen Grover

HiT Ladder Leaderboards Dec 2018

Mixed doubles ladder-Sue Crawford & Keith Williams

Mens doubles ladder-Andrew Shingfield & Gareth Barker

Ladies doubles ladder-Liz Whitman & Liz Brown

Ladies singles ladder Joint: Angle Hunt /Becky Greenfield

Mens singles ladder-Jean-Luc Quentin-Hicks

Flexi Doubles Ladder Helen Grover