Covid Rules

Hingham Tennis Rules for Play during Covid-19 pandemic- latest version for play from 26th December 2020  (Tier 4)

Following updated government and LTA guidance we have updated our Covid-19 safe play document accordingly. These rules apply to all members, pay and play and LTA rally players attending /booking Hingham Tennis courts.

To simplify the club rules we have not replicated the guidance published for players by the LTA so its important that you read our club guidelines in conjunction with the latest LTA guidelines for players. plus government guidelines on social distancing

Please be aware that these guidelines will need to be adjusted as the Covid-19 picture continues to change. Members will be updated accordingly via email. The health and well-being of our members remains our absolute priority, and relies on players following the rules.

LTA player guidance- before you leave home:- as per the LTA guidelines. lta-guidance-for-tennis-players---covid-19.pdf

In summary: it is very important you only attend the courts if you are well and please do not attend the courts if you or anyone in your household is exhibiting any symptoms that could possibly be Covid-19, or if you are required to self isolate for any reason.

Any player exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 after playing at our venue should follow the government track and trace guidance: Please note the tennis club cannot contact other players on your behalf so you must contact NHS track and trace.

Hingham Tennis guidelines for safe play during Covid-19 pandemic
All activity should be consistent with the government guidance regarding health, travel, social distancing and hygiene at all time

Before and upon arrival

  • The Hut will remain closed to members. Please wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water before departing for the courts and again as soon as you arrive home. Hand hygiene is imperative - use alcohol gel to clean your hands after touching a shared surface.

  • The sports hall is closed so there are no  toilet facilities.

  • Please bring and use your alcohol gel and antibacterial wipes. There is also alcohol gel provided within the court area.

  • Please bring full water bottles as the tennis hut is still not in use.

  • Access to the courts will be via the gate with the keycode-padlock; this code will be emailed to you when you book online with your booking confirmation.

  • Players should not bring any equipment, baggage, or clothing that is not essential for their participation in tennis. Ensure any personal items that are brought into the court area are physically distanced from others.

  • The member booking the court is responsible for documenting when, and with whom, they have played )(full name and contact phone number or email address) and they must keep a record for 21 days. This is to enable the tracing of contacts in the event a player tests positive for Covid-19 and we are asked to provide contact details via NHS track and trace. Clubspark booking facility now has the option to add participants to the booking so this can be done at the time of booking the court via the website booking (ensure the player is marked as a member or guest as appropriate) or can in the form of a personal record which could be accessed if government ‘track and trace’ require the information.

  • Members may bring guests to play with them but must ensure all guests are fully aware of the most up to date guidelines for play at Hingham Tennis. (currently this will be just one guest). There will be a £5/ hour charge for each guest (maximum guest fee payable is £10 per court per hour). The member booking the court is responsible for making payment to Hingham Tennis- this can be done via bank transfer to Hingham Tennis or by adding the guest at the same time as making a court booking (add name of  guest players by selecting ‘add participant’ and making payment via online STRIPE payments using a card (note any refunds of card payments do incur a cost to Hingham Tennis). No refunds will be given if the court is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice).

  • Floodlights - Floodlight tokens - please check with the HSSC caretaker or one of the tennis coaches. Please obtain tokens before booking a court we do not guarantee that flood light tokens will be available given the current situation.

Upon arrival and during play

  • Allow others plenty of room to leave before you enter the court - if you need to wait then do so away from the courts and clear of the gates and maintain social distancing as per latest government guidelines. In particular be careful not to block the pathway between the hut and court so passers by/ dog walkers may maintain an appropriate social distance.

  • Please wipe the gate /other touch surfaces and the padlock before and after play. There is hand sanitiser supplied for players to use once inside the court area.

  • Access to the courts will be via the gate with the keycode-padlock; this code will be emailed to you when you book online with your booking confirmation. The code may change from time to time so please always take note of the up to date code.

  • The nets will be left up for now so no need to touch or slacken the net after use (the winders have been removed)

  • Only players are permitted on court.  No spectators please. Only one parents may supervise a child and they must maintain social distance from other households .

  • Players may choose to use shared balls in which case extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required)’. When both courts are in use please only push stray balls back to the other court with racket or feet and in general minimise the handling balls where possible.

  • Private court hire/ informal social play: Singles play is permitted and this may be with  one person from another household.  Doubles play is only permitted when all players are from the same household or support bubble. People must not attend the venue socially in groups.

  • Club sessions and adult group sessions are not permitted under tier 4 restrictions.  Some junior coach led sessions are permitted- please contact the coaches for details/ booking.

  • The first aid box will be located in the flood light box in case it is needed by players (please wipe down with disinfectant spray/wipes if touched).

After play

  • Please ensure you depart the court area promptly at the end of your booked time slot. Avoid waiting outside the courts and always maintain social distancing from those outside your household.

  • Ensure the padlock and gate are secured (disengage the numbers on the padlock after closing the lock) , sanitise hands and wipe clean any touch points with disinfectant spray/wipes.

  • Upon leaving the courts please check you have all your belongings including all the balls you arrived with. Any items left on court mean someone else has to handle them to remove. Any items which left on court will be disposed of.

Play safe and enjoy!