Singles League

 The next round of the singles league is now live, the deadline to play matches is Sunday 31st March, you can view the groups/scores here.

The Adult Singles League is set up as follows:

  • Box leagues with 6-8 players in each box / division.
  • Each player will have 8-10 weeks (depending on the size of the box) to play every other person in their box.
  • Matches will be the best of 3 sets with the first two being normal tiebreak sets and the third being a Championship Tiebreak (tiebreak to 10).
  • Players to record the results of their matches on the results sheet in the clubhouse and also send them by email to
  • Results of matches played between players with LTA Ratings will be processed through the LTA and count towards your Rating.
  • Once all matches are played, the top 1-2 players from each box will be promoted to the box above and the bottom 1-2 players will be relegated to the box below.
  • If players are tied on wins/losses, order will be decided by the number of sets won then head to head result.
  • Players will be expected to liaise with each other to arrange their own matches.
  • The competition is open to adult male and female players and selected juniors.
  • Players under the age of 18 must return a completed parental consent form before competing in the league.  
  •  It is recommended that participants under the age of 18 do not give out their own contact details and that matches are arranged via their parents/guardians
  •  It is recommended that all players under the age of 13 should have a parent or guardian present at their matches.
  • All players aged over 18 must read the 'Safeguarding Policy' which can be found in the 'Policies' section of our website and on our clubhouse noticeboard.
  • All players must be Hoole LTC full members and should adhere to the LTA Fair Play principles found at and on the clubhouse noticeboard.

 If you'd like to take part please contact Pete Leatherbarrow at with the following information:

  • Your name and contact details - home and mobile number if available.
  • An indication of your level of play from the following:  Beginner, Improver, Intermediate, Average Club, Top Club/Advanced.
  • Your British Tennis Membership number
  • Your LTA Rating if you have one.