Winter Tournament Draw - start playing Now !!

The draw for the Winter (Handicapped) Tournament was done yesterday (19 Nov). The sheets will be on the Tournaments board in the Clubhouse shortly and can be viewed on the website here:

The Rules are also on the website and board along with an explanation how Handicaps are applied in matches.

First round is due to complete by 15th December so please do get on and arrange your matches straight away. Don't forget that if you lose your first match you get a second chance (losing players follow the RED arrow on the sheets to the next match), winners follow the GREEN arrow.

Handicaps are what they are and no amount of protesting will make any difference !!

If you have trouble arranging your matches contact the relevant Tournament Manager (aka 'Chaser'):

Dave Johnson for Ladies Singles and Doubles and Mixed, Chrissie Eastmond for Mens Elite and Regular Singles and Mens Doubles. 

Appeals for walkovers (you should always try to play your matches rather than ask for or give a walkover) should be made to one of the Chasers in the first instance then to the Tournament Committee: Richard Bothwell, Chrissie Eastmond or Jon Warren.